Barnes International present at the 12 Hours Chrono of the 2016 International

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Real estate, immigration, everyday life ... will be the topics addressed by Barnes International

The 12 Hours Chrono of the International includes 12 programs of one hour each, devoted to all the opportunities, problems and things to know about a location in the United States. Various themes were discussed during this program: immigration, daily life, education, real estate, implantation, business acquisition, intercultural, and recipes for success in the USA. Barnes was present at this event, represented by Elisabeth Gazay, Associate Director and Barnes Miami, as well as Nicolas Billaud, Director of the commercial real estate department of the agency.

Immigration a key step in the investment process

The theme of immigration opened this series of programs. The different visas available, the green card, the process to obtain them, as well as nationalization were among the topics discussed. Important points such as family immigration, wealth management and investment were also mentioned. Depending on the reason for starting (business creation, transfer, internship, etc.), the procedures may be different. Discover the entire show right here.

Daily life in the US, from rental to driving license.

The second subject is about everyday life in the USA. From the apartment rental to the driving license, all the necessary processes, rules and documents have been explained by the experts on the set. The rhythm of life in the USA and the cost of renting according to the regions were also among the themes mentioned. Discover it in detail right here.

The real estate market in great shape.

The latest issue was more focused on the US real estate market, which is in great shape after overcoming the financial crisis. On the agenda: real estate in Miami, New York and other parts of the country, the facets of the market, the buying process and its differences with France, property tax, insurance, matrimonial regimes and inheritance rights. The completeness is presented to you right here.

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