BARNES iXAir, a new private aviation service

Excellence and the art of living are the reflection of our identity and it is through these common values that BARNES joins forces with the airline iXAir, a French player in business aviation for 20 years.

This complementarity between BARNES and iXAir is reflected in the extreme personalization of the service offered as soon as the reservation is made, for flights in France, Europe or to the end of the world. VIP transfers, entertainment, gastronomy, the French art of living is cultivated every minute of the BARNES IXAIR experience.

“There are many links between luxury real estate and business aviation, believes Thibault de Saint Vincent, president of BARNES. Thus, when booking a seasonal rental on the Côte d'Azur in summer or in the Alps in winter, BARNES customers will receive a BARNES IXAIR flight proposal adapted to their needs. » 

The BARNES IXAIR offer primarily covers intra-European and transatlantic flights, intended for a large international clientele keen to benefit from the combined services of the two references, BARNES and iXAir. For the two partners, the aim is to provide business aviation with a common brand synonymous with excellence, safety and tailor-made solutions.

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