French art of living

Thibault de Saint Vincent and Virginie Calmels speak about the identity of BARNES.


"The symbol of the French way of life fascinates and makes the whole world dream. Our ambition has always been to participate in the radiation of this "french way of life", as say the Anglo-Saxons. Gastronomy, conversation, heritage or interior design, haute couture, perfume, luxury crafts; this elegance, this culture, this way of being that France embodies remains a model.

Nourished by this tradition, Maison BARNES For over twenty years, has defended these values of excellence and refinement in the field of luxury real estate. Present in some fifteen countries, listening to contemporary movements, it offers the expertise of a global and tailor-made service. Focusing on quality and longevity in all respects, BARNES embraces the passions of its high-end clientele: Art, vineyards, hunts, yachting, vintage cars. These sources of pleasure as well as yields have become natural extensions of the acquisition of a principal residence or resort.

With this in mind, we are very happy to welcome Virginie Calmels, new President of BARNES France and CEO of Barnes International, in our house. His rich experience, his natural leadership and his understanding of our challenges in a changing market will undeniably be assets to accompany us in our missions. "

Thibault de SAINT VINCENT, President BARNES International

virginia calmels

An entrepreneurial spirit

"I am very honored to join BARNES, whose success is impressive in twenty years, under the leadership of Heidi Barnes, its founder, Thibault de Saint Vincent, its president and all teams. It is explained by the ability of the house to stand out: to cultivate its entrepreneurial spirit, its creativity, to develop its network power, to embody a strong brand, which makes its values shine internationally today.

The internalisation and diversification of our activities will enable us to better meet the expectations of our customers, anxious to trust brands whose skills and know-how they share.

Welcoming today in our columns the co-founder of The Webster, Laure HĂ©riard-Dubreuil, it is this opening message that we want to convey. With her audacity and radiance, this young modern woman, queen of a light and smiling fashion, expresses with brilliance this singular art of living which BARNES wants to be the ambassador. "

Virginie CALMELS, CEO BARNES International

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Obumex, superior lifestyle

Drawing on the best of craftsmanship and innovation, the Belgian family business puts its tailor-made art at the service of its clients' projects. Kitchen layout, but not only.

Founded in 1960 by Eli Ostyn, Obumex is more than a design company: a signature. And the guarantee of a high level of professionalism. Now run by Geert Ostyn, son of Eli, alongside Thomas Ostyn as the 3rd generation, the family business has gradually left school furniture to put its excellence at the service of kitchen design, but also global projects. interior architecture with the design of furniture collections. This is thanks to a subtle combination of talents: among the 120 Obumex employees are craftsmen combining both the handmade and the latest technologies, as well as a team of architects entirely attentive to customers to design their customized project, that is to say projects in search of absolute functionality, durability and therefore quality. With, always, a unique and refined aesthetic.

Creative collaborations

Such high standards make Obumex the privileged partner of renowned architects with whom the brand lends itself to the game of collaboration. After the architect Joseph Dirand, the duo Gilles & Boissier and its space playing marble and wood or the kitchen with the ultra-refined elegance of the designer Bruno Moinard, the French designer Gregory of Lafforest imagined a Signature kitchen. A creation inspired by the concept of a library, playing on the design and the function of the kitchen, realized with the experts of the Flemish workshop Obumex of Staden.

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"Miami Arty" Art Basel

On the occasion of Art Basel Miami 2018, Heidi Barnes has beautifully orchestrated several exceptional events on behalf of BARNES Art Advisory.

First, the meeting at the heart of the Design District with Cyril Kongo, internationally known graffiti artist who has just been commissioned by Chanel, in the brand new restaurant Swan, the result of a collaboration between Pharrell Williams, David Grutman and the French chef Jean Imbert.

During this rich week, the Luxury Living event also sparkled in the presence of Olga Vignatelli and Gabriel Erem. Then it was a highlight at Art Park, RofaĂŻda ZaĂŻd presented us the extraordinary space dedicated to culture that brought together several artists and personalities to discover the works of Pharrell, Luka Zabat, Daniel Ashram or Arielle Pytka .

Finally, it is in the luxurious Marquis that the week ended with the opening of Charly Molina, a promising young emerging artist. An evening that brought together great collectors of street art, Hollywood producers and fashion figures, like the designer Hugo Matha House Ullens, and Cyril Bismuth, the jewelry designer that loves Karl Lagerfeld.

The motivation of Heidi Barnes is and will always be to create encounters around the beautiful in order to create exciting new artistic projects.

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The BARNES House launches a department dedicated to yachting: BARNES Yachts

BARNES Yachts, the experience of excellence

After art and wine, the BARNES house launches a new department dedicated to yachting. A close partnership developed with Althaus Luxury Yachting, a recognized player in the luxury boating industry for over thirty years. Meeting with the founder of BARNES Yachts, Eric Althaus.

What are the missions of this new department?

BARNES Yachts is organized around several axes: the sale and the purchase of yachts, the seasonal hiring with more than 1 400 yachts with crews proposed around the world, the management of the yachts (customs, place to the port & #8230;), a Concierge service of exception and finally a component dedicated to the renovations and new constructions of yachts. With Thibault de Saint Vincent, president of the house BARNESwe share the same passion for excellence. The idea of combining our know-how to create a panel of expanded services around the yacht seemed natural to us.

What is the strength of Barnes Yachts?

A team of professionals with more than thirty years of recognized expertise, associated with the power of the BARNES network, present on 60 destinations and 88 agencies around the world. This offers an extraordinary guarantee: wherever you are in the world, an interlocutor can respond instantly to your expectations, whether it is to select a cruise, a crewed boat or to accompany a transaction.

Where does your love for these giants of the sea come from?

As a child, I dreamed of building yachts and exercising my father's trade. At 21, I pushed the door of his office to Monaco. I learned the trade by his side and together we created Fraser Yachts, one of the greatest leaders in the yachting industry and above all the fruit of a passion that has been handed down from father to son.

What are you passionate about yachting?

The notion of experience that we offer to our customers and that of "no limit". My job gives me the opportunity to realize the dream of a man or a woman, to transmit an emotion and that it is sublimated.

How is the yachting market evolving?

The rental market is rising sharply, with requests to destinations never visited and extreme experiences. For sale and purchase, the market is very active. As well as that of construction, with the emergence of greener alternatives for water treatment, propulsion modes and air conditioning systems of yachts. Finally, the notion of customization is more than ever at the heart of the expectations of our customers who wish to live totally confidential experiences.

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Eric Althaus, BARNES Yachts

Luxury real estate: A world of entrepreneurs and enthusiasts

Beyond a project of life, luxury real estate allows entrepreneurs to live their passions 

It is a constant on every continent, the wealthy, HNWI and UHNWI, are mostly entrepreneurs. 
As part of the management of their assets, they give each year an increasingly important place to luxury real estate. In this way, they will establish their main residence in one of the best-rated cities on the international scene, which will allow them, in addition to an added value over time, to stay in touch with other entrepreneurs working in the same sector on a daily basis. 
Beyond their primary residence, these buyers will again act as entrepreneurs when selecting their second homes. They transform as much as possible these goods into sources of income, via their rental for residential properties and via their exploitation for more entrepreneurial projects (vineyards, hotels, hunts, stud farms, etc.) 

For these entrepreneurs, especially the younger ones, real estate is not static. Their investments are part of a global entrepreneurial project, one that has allowed them to make a fortune. 

Acquire a prestige property as you acquire a business

For wealthy people, investing in luxury real estate should no longer be experienced as synonymous with a financial burden. In an ever more digital world, arbitrations must be quick, even to shake the established order. 

According to the site, just over 10% of American billionaires have pulled their income from real estate, some arguing that this is the best way to create real wealth while maintaining some financial independence. And even if real estate is primarily based on stone, new technologies have changed the rules of the game by accelerating and facilitating access to investment, especially abroad.

The need for global support

The art of living is a myriad of elements constituting a material heritage and especially intangible obvious and yet elusive. For HNWI and UHNWI, luxury real estate is only one aspect of this lifestyle that includes many others to allow them to live a unique experience in everyday life. 

Beyond luxury real estate, wealthy families have a vision overall about the organization of their daily lives. After having acquired their main residence in an international city of reference, they will build a portfolio of second homes fulfilling practical, emotional and financial aspects. Most entrepreneurs will then combine passion and entrepreneurship by investing in "passionate properties" such as hotels, stud farms, golf courses or vineyards. Investments in many other areas of passion such as theart, the yachtingsailing and collector cars will enable them to combine the art of living and entrepreneurship.


Global-property-pound hanbook

Barnes Miami, Barnes Yachts and Aston Martin Residences gathered for Yacht show

The event organized by Barnes Miami in partnership with Aston Martin Residences took place on February 15th in the presence of Heidi Barnes, founder of the Group, Thibault de Saint Vincent, CEO and Eric Althaus, who takes the lead Barnes Yachts With 30 years of experience in the yachting sector, providing exclusive luxury services and tailor-made solutions for all types of yachting projects.

When high-end residences are proposed along the "Miami River", the prestige boat on the edge of residence is essential. Barnes guests who were invited to the launch of Barnes Yachts, on the occasion of the famous Miami Yacht Show, could admire under the stars and in the magical atmosphere of Downtown at night, both the project of with Aston Martin Residences and the magnificent yacht:  Athena just inaugurated by the shipyard Sunreef.

On the city side, with Aston Martin Residences in the heart of downtown Miami, they offer a superb, slender tower like a ship, with breathtaking views of the bay, a quality of services and services worthy of the legendary brand. 

Guests at Barnes Miami have admired the overall design of the apartments on offer, and the details as elegant on door handles as in the finishes of kitchens and bathrooms.

Sunreef Athena Catamaran presented by Barnes Yachts

On the bay side, the ship presented by Barnes Yachts is the latest of the prestigious Sunreef Athena. This ultramodern motor catamaran takes its name from the Greek goddess of wisdom, courage, mathematics and the arts. The yacht is distinguished by its sublime design, advanced technology and pioneering character. The Sunreef Supreme 68 Power Athenais a new type of power catamaran, the fruit of a constant search for innovation and quality. Guests at Barnes Miami were able to enjoy the large reception areas inside and panoramic views from the outside decks.

Based in the Principality of Monaco, capital of yachting, Barnes Yachts now relies on the international network BARNES present in the luxury destinations of the world, Saint Tropez, at Saint Barth, Passing by  Miami or Los Angeles... to meet customers, share experiences and guide yachting decisions.

Customers will be able to find the same quality of service and support, the same concern for refinement and elegance, in two complementary universes that each require a level of specialized expertise. 

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Investor Visa (E2): The Milestones

Obtaining residency status in the United States can become a real administrative headache because there are different types of Visa depending on your situation and your motivations. We will be interested here in obtaining the "Investor Visa", or Visa E-2.

Visa E-2, what is it?

The first thing to know is that the Visa E-2 is a non-immigrant visa, that is to say that it can not lead to obtaining the Green Card and therefore the American nationality .
This Visa is granted for a period of 2 to 5 years. It is issued to foreign entrepreneurs wishing to create or buy a company in the United States. Invest in a house can not be considered a reason to obtain the Visa E-2, since the aim of the company must be commercial. A property management company may be a valid reason, provided that the scale of purchases is significant enough.

If you get the visa, you can bring your spouse and children with you. The spouse may then apply for a work permit and the children will be able to to study and stay on the territory until they are 21 years old.

Another advantage compared to other types of visas, you can enter and leave the US territory as you see fit, without having to obtain an authorization to leave the territory.

Visa E-2, eligibility conditions

The US government imposes certain prerequisites for applying for an E-2 Visa:

& #8211; The country of which you are a citizen must have signed a treaty with the United States. This is particularly the case of France, Belgium and Canada.

& #8211; You must invest a substantial amount in your company in the United States, that is, the sum must be sufficient to ensure the development of the company, but it also means that your investment must be "substantial" in comparison with the cost total of the repurchase or creation of the enterprise. And the amount promised for investment will have to be partly spent.

& #8211; You must hold at least 50% shares or shares of the company and / or hold a management position there.

& #8211; The business must generate more income than your minimum standard of living, to you and / or your family.

& #8211; You must establish a complete Business Plan over 5 years

The Visa E-2, how to renew it?

The Investor Visa is renewable, a priori indefinitely but subject to certain conditions. You have to be able to prove that your business generates enough income to support you and your family, but also that you contribute to American development, for example by paying taxes, creating jobs and consuming in the United States. United.

The validity of the Visa granted will depend on the evidence provided.

The council of Barnes : do not neglect the help that can bring you a lawyer specialized in all the stages of your immigration. It will help you to quantify the ideal amount of your investment and write a Business Plan, or advise you on the relevant evidence to provide for your E-2 visa renewal. We can recommend it to you, so contact us !

Living in a guarded residence in Miami Beach

"Gated communities" are residential neighborhoods whose access is controlled, and in which the public space is partially or totally privatized. The phenomenon is rare in France but in Miami, there are nearly a hundred. They are the legacy of a time when the city was living complicated hours, and was particularly security problems. Today, they allow especially to have a very limited circulation and a neighborhood atmosphere friendly and warm.
Some are private, that is, the streets belong to residents and only those "invited" by residents can enter. Others are actually "public": we can not deny you access, but it is controlled and kept. Residents often create an association to better manage their small area.
Today, the Barnes Miami team decided to introduce you to those that radiate in Miami Beach, from north to south.
Miami Beach is a city known for its upscale condos and trendy lifestyle. But what is often ignored is that the city also offers many houses in quiet corners and more intimate than the bustling neighborhood of South Beach. Some of these houses are even located in private homes, all of which are on natural or artificial islands, whose entrance is easier to control.

Here is an overview (which would be ideal to travel by boat!) Of the guarded residences of Miami Beach:

Indian Creek Island

This 100-hectare private island is home to only 40 houses, around one of the most sought after golf courses in the country. Sometimes called "Billionaire Bunker", Indian Creek is one of the most expensive streets in the United States according to the Zillow real estate website, with homes averaging $25 million. Indian Creek is just minutes away from Bal Harbor, the luxury shopping mall which itself boasts one of the highest per square meter sales in the US!

Discover the houses for sale in Indian Creek.

Biscayne Point

Just north of Normandy Isle and south of Surfside, Biscayne Point is a small peninsula extending into Biscayne Bay. Most houses are on the edge of the bay so there is space to navigate and no bridge constraints, while those in the center are separated by a canal and the size of the boats is therefore limited by the bridges that allow change shore. The South-side villas enjoy unforgettable sunsets and views of downtown Miami, behind Biscayne Bay. Those in the North have beautiful views of the very select Indian Creek and Stillwater.
The quality of life of the community is remarkable for its calm, space for walking or running, and the opportunity to walk to the beach (about 15 minutes walk depending on where the house is). The residents of the 300 houses are usually navigators, golfers or both! Two golf courses surround it: Indian Creek Country Club (one of the most exclusive clubs in the United States) and the Normandy Shores Golf Course.

Discover the houses for sale in Biscayne Point

Normandy Isles

This guarded community which also has a municipal golf course and tennis courts has long been a very affordable and particularly quiet neighborhood, just minutes from the beach, further north of Miami Beach. In the years 2008, the small houses of the 50s largely changed hands and each new owner renovated or rebuilt more often modern architect houses answering the wishes of the customers of today. Some of the houses are along the canal, others at the edge of the bay (ideal for mooring large yachts), while others are on the edge of the golf course. One can still find land at bay at less than 2.5 M$ while modern houses are selling double.

Discover the Houses for sale in Normandy Isles

Allison Island

It is an island of 3.4 hectares stretching between the island of La Gorce and Miami Beach. The south of the island is called Aqua and there are mostly some residential buildings and about fifty town houses with their pontoon and panoramic terraces. The north of the island is only composed of houses on the front of the bay and along the "intracoastal". This is the perfect setting for boat owners as the only street is lined with houses that all have access to water. Allison is a real who's who of traditional families in Miami, business leaders sometimes illustrating some famous success stories ... Allison has the particularity to allow access to walk to the beach which is just on the other side of the bridge, has 10 minutes only.

Discover the houses for sale in Allison Island

The Gorce Island

The Gorce is composed of two private islands and guarded 24/24. Most houses are inland, while some houses enjoy a waterfront often converted into private docks. The gardens are still immaculately maintained, not a sheet of overflowing! A few minutes from the island, on Alton Road, the La Gorce Golf Club is world famous and equally exclusive.

Discover the Houses for sale in La Gorce Island

Sunset Islands

It is a group of four jealously guarded islands, overlooking Biscayne Bay, just north of the Venetian Islands. Sunset 1 and 2 are connected and accessed by an elegant entrance located on Nord Bay Road. Sunset 3 and 4 are also connected to each other and accessible via a south-facing entrance, just steps from the trendy Sunset Harbor. Between the islands and the posh houses of North Bay Road, the small lake of Sunset is a charming shelter, also almost deprived as it is sheltered from the glances. The Miami Beach Golf Course is only 5 minutes away. These tree-lined islands are surrounded by historic villas of the 1930s, perfectly renovated, and beautiful modern houses made by architects and promoters of international renown.

Discover the houses for sale in Sunset Islands.

Hibiscus Island, Star Island and Palm Island

These are the three islands located along McArthur Causeway in Biscayne Bay. They also have many celebrities among their residents, attracted by the breathtaking views of downtown skyscrapers and the great cruise ships of the port, as well as the unforgettable sunsets, all in a central location on a quiet island. The most exclusive of the three is aptly named, Star Island, since it houses only 35 houses, while the other two house 150 each. Star Island regularly ranks as one of the most expensive transactions in Miami's history ($40 million dollars on average).
The villas are destroyed and built over the dreams of the new owners.
Discover homes for sale in Star Island, Palm Island and Hibiscus Island

Fisher Island

Fisher Island is not only the most private and exclusive community in all of Florida, it is also a symbolic episode in the history of Miami Beach. Located across the southern tip of Miami Beach (South Pointe) it is only accessible by helicopter or ferry and can only be entered by invitation from a resident. It owes its name to Miami Beach founder Carl Fisher, who had swapped her on a whim for a dream yacht that had entered Biscayne Bay while Fisher was a boat enthusiast. Fisher kept the yacht ... but died almost ruined ... Fisher Island has become one of the most expensive postcodes in the United States!
The people of Fisher Island enjoy their voluntary isolation, they seek discretion, without photographer or intruder. That's why among the residents, there will be great business magnates, show bizz stars or sports, a good representation of the international jet set.
The entrance ticket is high because to buy a property, you will have to pay an entrance fee. Then, every year, the maintenance costs of the island are not negligible, the services being of very high level: excellent school, famous golf course, tennis court, shop, beach club with restaurant at the water's edge , 24 hour security service & #8230; not to mention the ferry to return to the mainland!

Discover houses for sale in Fisher Island

How to finance your purchase in Miami and Florida?

Financing, especially via a mortgage loan called "mortgage" is very popular with real estate investors who benefit from a leverage effect. But when one is a foreigner and one has no credit history in the United States, what financing solutions are available?

Finance your purchase in Miami and Florida, from abroad:

Most European banks are cautious enough to grant mortgages for properties in the United States. Indeed, their lack of knowledge of the local market and the impossibility of taking a guarantee on the property encourages them to be cautious.

However, some financial institutions agree to finance property in the United States, by ensuring your solvency in another way. The bank in question can accept the following guarantees:

  • real estate as collateral in the country of origin
  • a substantial contribution, either cash or via an advance on your life insurance policy
  • by bringing a portfolio of shares

The foreign buyer will then benefit from the interest rate applicable in his country of origin, which may be an advantage.

In this configuration, the transaction in the United States is considered "cash", that is to say with cash payment, without suspensive clause of credit. The file must be perfectly locked so that funds are available at the "title agent" (equivalent of the notary) on the day of signing, under penalty of breach of contract!

Finance your purchase in Miami and Florida, from the United States:

It is quite possible to buy a good on credit in the United States, without being an American resident. In general, the organizations request 35 to 50% of contribution according to the file: profile of the purchaser and amount borrowed.

Barnes Miami is able to put you in touch with financing organizations specializing in financing real estate in the United States for international investors.

As a rule, it is possible for a non-resident to obtain a "mortgage" to finance up to 65% of the property acquired. The rates offered, for customers without history in the country, currently vary around 4.5 and 5.3%. However, we must pay attention to variable rates, because according to all predictions, interest rates, historically low in the United States at this time, are expected to rise by the end of 2018.

This loan is secured by a mortgage on the newly acquired property, and is also subject to income conditions. In fact, the bank must be able to justify its ability to repay the loan. In general, banks require that your income can cover 3 times the monthly repayment of the loan.

This method has the advantage of avoiding the risks related to the exchange rate between the dollar and the original currency of the buyer, especially when he wishes rent your property in Miami, since he then receives a rent in dollars and repays in loan in dollar also.

The loan can be amortized over a period of 5 to 30 years depending on the project and needs. It is sometimes possible to negotiate with the bank an early repayment clause without penalty.

The deadline for obtaining a mortgage can be up to 60 business days. While the closing times for a cash purchase can be very fast (sometimes only two weeks!), It is necessary to plan a closing at two months minimum for a purchase with financing. We therefore advise you to start the steps upstream (qualification, choice of the provider, preparation of all the elements requested for the file ...). Be prepared to provide many documents and information, both on your assets in your home country and in every country in the world where you hold property. If your purchase is the start of other credit investments in the country, make sure that the bank participates in the credit information sharing program to build your history for the future. This is not the case for all lending institutions.

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A short guide to schools in Miami

Schools in Miami

Barnes International helps you to understand the particularities of the school system in Florida and Miami and the opportunities it brings (*)
By Elisabeth Gazay, Associate Director Barnes Miami

If the United States has a school system very different from France (for example there is no Baccalaureate to complete schooling), the Miami Dade County also has its own peculiarities within the country. It offers a variety of options, both public and private, with very specific courses based on specializations, such as European languages. So, Miami offers bilingual schools from primary school, where the child follows a complete curriculum in two languages (English first then French, Spanish, Italian or German). At the high school level, specialization can become a predominant subject such as art, science, technology, business ...

Classes / "grades"

  • kindergarten "Kindergarten": from 5 years old (on September 1st of the school year)
  • Primary "Elementary": from 6 years old: 1st grade & #8211; 5th grade
  • Middle School "Middle school" from age 11: 3 years 6, 7, 8 grades
  • High school "High school" or "senior high" from age 15: 4 years course 9, 10, 11, 12 grades

Namely: repetition is an option almost impossible in the United States. Americans prefer to give tutoring to struggling students rather than demote them with students who will be different in maturity. To enter an American class, it will be necessary to give its "transcripts" is the newsletters of last year which show in which class was the child the previous year.

Public Schools: 3 options

There are three kinds of public schools

1 - "boundary schools" that correspond to the school map

These schools accept students as soon as proof of residence is given. The proof of residence must be serious (for example a simple rental contract is not enough, the school will also ask for an electricity bill or a driving license of parents with the correct address). In neighborhoods with particularly well-known schools, checks can be made during the year.

The level of schools can be very variable, with substantial differences in quality. There were ratings (from A - best results to F - important failure rates) that have now disappeared. But we must of course find out.

To find out which school corresponds to a home address: go to the portal of Miami Dade County Public School MDCPS and click on the "find your neighborhood school" tab.

To know : in Miami, the real estate status of the neighborhood is not necessarily in line with the school's ranking located in the geographical map. And we can have strong disparities between primary, high school and high school in the same neighborhood.

Some examples of public schools (boundary) known for the primary

Ruth K Broad in the Bay Harbor Islands area (North Miami)

North Beach Elementary (Miami Beach, 41st Street)

Key Biscayne Elementary (Key Biscayne Island)

Coconut Grove Elementary - bilingual English / French (Coconut Grove)

Pinecrest Elementary (South Miami & #8211; Pinecrest)

2 - Magnet Schools: public schools with a specific program

These schools make the success of Miami because they offer, in the public system, so not paying, advanced courses in particular in foreign languages. Classes are often smaller and the pupil grows up with a great deal of work discipline due to the addition of subjects, beyond the classical common programs.

To register your child, you must submit a file, then the child will have a passing exam, and then, if the number of applicants exceeds the number of free places a lottery will decide the finalists.

The registration and selection process takes place between October and December of the year preceding the year of re-entry. All files must be filed before January 15 for the next fall. It is imperative to respect these deadlines, even if your expatriation project is not yet finalized.

Official website of the "schools of choice" Magnet:

Our advices :
→ Due to the vagaries of the lottery, provide several options "Plan A and Plan B" so as not to be caught out of class.
→ These programs are not linked to the map and some students come from far away. Public school buses serve some neighborhoods, or private minibuses carry out the school bus. Because of the workload of children, and extra-curricular activities very important in the United States, we recommend that you do not live too far from school.
→ Waiting lists being long, if a pupil is not present on the first day of school, his place is assigned to another child after a few days (according to the headmaster) and his entry into the school is then compromised.
→ These schools can "integrate" a student who comes from a foreign country in elementary and middle school, notably through the "ESOL" program which provides support for students whose English is not the original language. However, if the student arrives in High School, integration becomes more difficult because students have already been in the "mold" of this advanced bilingual education. Few of these schools accept an entry in terminal.

Examples of Magnet Schools renowned especially for bilingual education with neighborhoods nearby

Sunset Elementary (Coral Gables neighborhoods / Coconut Grove / South Miami)

Carver Middle School (Coral Gables, Coconut Grove, Brickell, South Miami)

Coral Gables High School with the IB (International Baccalaureate) program - a school in the school (in the heart of Coral Gables)

Coral Reef High School (IB International Baccalaureate program - South Miami)

ISPA International Study Preparatory Academy - High School (South Miami neighborhoods, Coral Gables, Pinecrest)

MAST Academy "Cambridge program": middle & high school (Key Biscayne)

3 - Charter Schools: public schools with specialized programs, but managed by private companies

Another peculiarity of the American system is the existence of public schools, approved and recognized, but managed by private companies. It is a "hybrid" system that allows you to quickly add innovative schools in cities with high population growth as is the case in South Florida and Miami.

Example of Charter Schools, Famous for Bilingual Programs

ISCH International Studies Charter High offers a bilingual French / English, Spanish / English, Italian / English course in middle and high school. Classes are limited to 15-20 students, coaching very personalized, the program is recognized for its level of requirement among students.

ISCH is ranked 9th in Florida's charter schools.

This is the only program that leads to the French Baccalaureate today in Miami. Students can go without transition from a French class to an American class and vice versa if they return to France during schooling. Also, the baccalaureate allows students to apply to French universities, in addition to Americans.

To note :
For very sporty students who want to add a sport to their curriculum, ISCH may not be suitable because of the already busy program for both languages.
ISCH does not accept entry in terminal but is the most suitable school for those who arrive in the course of secondary cycle.

Our advices :
→ ISCH is located in the heart of Little Havana, which is not a very residential area. The children come from many different neighborhoods. On average, trips to school are 15 - 30 minutes. If you want to be close to school, we recommend North Coral Gables or Coconut Grove to live in a house, or the Brickell area if you want to live in an apartment / condo. The booming neighborhood of the "roads" south of Brickell is also an interesting option.


Private schools

While Miami Dade County has significantly expanded its offerings over the past decade, this has not always been the case. That's why many private schools have been created since the youngest age of Miami, some of which are of high standing and are among the most famous private institutions in the United States. Secular schools can be expensive because they offer 5-star services, but do not have the least subsidy! According to the "grade" we will be around 30,000 - 36,000 $ per year per child. Each year, they offer a few scholarships for underprivileged students, based on parents' resources and the potential of young people (sports, science, etc.). Faith-based schools may be more affordable because they receive grants.

Here is a selection, not exhaustive.

1 & #8211; Secular private schools primary / elementary

Franco-American School of Miami & #8211; EFAM

A French program, with some English, which has been proven for more than 22 years in South Miami (Coral Gables) and has recently opened a campus in the North Miami Shores.

It meets the educational needs of French, Francophone and Francophile children in the Florida community. It was the first in the state of Florida to provide immersion instruction in accordance with the official instructions of the French Ministry of Education.

Tuition fees are 10,000 to 12,000 $ per year depending on the class.

For the moment, only the primary (from the small section of kindergarten to CM2) is proposed but the Director has announced that a new campus will gradually add middle school and high school classes, which will become the first French high school in Miami.

2 & #8211; Private secular schools: college / middle and high school / high school

Ransom Everglades

A true institution, Ransom trains generations of Miami's influential families with a philosophy and lifestyle reminiscent of the campuses of major American universities. Moreover, Ransom is considered a "prep school" that is to say an institution that prepares the student for entry to the most prestigious American universities. The academic level of Ransom is very high, the type of teaching focused on the ability of synthesis, critical thinking and thinking of students. Extracurricular life is intense with high level sports teams (water polo, swimming, golf, tennis, sailing, rowing, ...), or the encouragement of artistic (photo), scientific (robotics, chemistry) or literary talents (speech and debate teams). Ransom does not offer a bilingual program or IB program, the second or third language (including French or Chinese) are options.

Middle School: The campus is located north of Coconut Grove. The entrance is very selective: interviews, exams, ... many applicants and few elected.

High School: The campus is south of Coconut Grove, at the edge of the bay. It is not easy to enter High School since many children come directly from the middle school. However, Ransom values Carver's program and its academic level. A student who has excellent results can have his chances for entry into High School.

Our advice:
→ contact the school in October for a start the following year. Many requests ... and very few places. Guided tours must be booked every week during the registration period. It is better to have several solutions of relief since all the results arrive at the same time (towards the month of March-April) and that the inscriptions are then already closed everywhere else.


Rival rival, particularly in fierce sports competitions, Gulliver has resources and a campus equally enviable. Gulliver's particularity is to offer an IB Program, that is to say a bilingual International Baccalaureate recognized by universities around the world as "challenging". This IB program was created for families of diplomats and expatriates whose children had to move every 3-4 years around the world. It allowed them to find their bearings from one country to another. It is implemented during the last 3 years of High School. Before this is only a pre-IB that has no official value.

Gulliver has several campuses for middle and high school, all located south of Miami. Gulliver's campuses are large and the school is more flexible in enrolling children during the cycle, including in the upper classes (1st and final).

Our advice:

→ live in the Pinecrest area, south Coral Gables, South Miami in order to make the most of the varied extra-curricular activities (science, arts, sports) and make the most of what the school can offer.

To note : the same IB program is found in Coral Gables High and Coral Reef Public Schools

Miami Country Day

Located in a beautiful campus in Miami Shores, Country Day offers similar features to Ransom and Gulliver but caters to families who live north of Miami. Miami Shores is truly the Coral Gables of the North, with green streets, neat houses and immaculately kept gardens (the city's requirement!).

Miami Country day students also live in Bal Harbor, Miami Beach and in Upper East Side communities : Bay Point, Morningside, Belle Meade, Keystone ... The size of the campus allows more flexibility than in other schools, welcoming students on their entire curriculum: from primary to final! This is a very international school, with families coming from all over the world, sometimes arriving during the year.

Our advice

→ As with all private schools, recognition tours are organized on a regular basis and are essential for understanding expectations, curriculum, philosophy and seeing what is best for the child. It's also the way to get to know the registration team.

The Cushman School

Founded in 1924, Cushman is one of the pioneering schools in Miami, particularly in its desire to offer an innovative and creative school system, which gives children the opportunity to express themselves according to their talents and interests. Family-friendly and warm, the school has classes on a human scale, and offers many extra-curricular activities. Tailor-made programs are also dedicated to students who have specific needs and can not follow the traditional courses. The campus is located on the Upper East Side near the Design District. Until this year Cushman went from kindergarten to college included. A major novelty since September 2017: the opening of a high school program, also innovative.

3 & #8211; Private school from high school to high school, with French program

Located in the North, between Miami and Fort Lauderdale, LFA and ISB offer a French program accredited by the National Education.

The LFA or Franco-American High School of City Cooper goes from the small section of Kindergarten to CM2 (4th grade)

ISB, International School of Broward in Hollywood, offers college and high school classes: 6th grade to 12th grade.

4 & #8211; Denominational private schools

Jewish schools

Lehrman community day school

Located north of Miami Beach, between the islands of Biscayne Point / Normandy Island and the square, this school is from kindergarten to the end of elementary school (5th grade).
From 8,000 to 20,000 $

Schools of Catholic confession

Link to the website diocesan schools

St. Patrick (Pre-school & elementary & #8211; Miami Beach)
Traditional and family school, with small classes.

The room (High School & #8211; Coconut Grove)
Mixed high school, traditional, with a large campus and easier access than other schools. Managed by the archdiocese which proposes reasonable prices.

Columbus (High School - South West Miami Airport)

Carrolton (Middle & High School & #8211; Coconut Grove)
Girls' schools, offering a superb campus, varied extracurricular activities and a recognized level. IB (International Baccalaureate) program in High School.

Belen (High School & #8211; West of Miami Airport)
Jesuit school of boys, renowned for its academic level, discipline and supervision.

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Website of the Consulate of France in Miami: chapter "education"

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