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"Gated communities" are residential neighborhoods whose access is controlled, and in which the public space is partially or totally privatized. The phenomenon is rare in France but in Miami, there are nearly a hundred. They are the legacy of a time when the city was living complicated hours, and was particularly security problems. Today, they allow especially to have a very limited circulation and a neighborhood atmosphere friendly and warm.
Some are private, that is, the streets belong to residents and only those "invited" by residents can enter. Others are actually "public": we can not deny you access, but it is controlled and kept. Residents often create an association to better manage their small area.
Today, the Barnes Miami team decided to introduce you to those that radiate in Miami Beach, from north to south.
Miami Beach is a city known for its upscale condos and trendy lifestyle. But what is often ignored is that the city also offers many houses in quiet corners and more intimate than the bustling neighborhood of South Beach. Some of these houses are even located in private homes, all of which are on natural or artificial islands, whose entrance is easier to control.

Here is an overview (which would be ideal to travel by boat!) Of the guarded residences of Miami Beach:

Indian Creek Island

This 100-hectare private island is home to only 40 houses, around one of the most sought after golf courses in the country. Sometimes called "Billionaire Bunker", Indian Creek is one of the most expensive streets in the United States according to the Zillow real estate website, with homes averaging $25 million. Indian Creek is just minutes away from Bal Harbor, the luxury shopping mall which itself boasts one of the highest per square meter sales in the US!

Discover the houses for sale in Indian Creek.

Biscayne Point

Just north of Normandy Isle and south of Surfside, Biscayne Point is a small peninsula extending into Biscayne Bay. Most houses are on the edge of the bay so there is space to navigate and no bridge constraints, while those in the center are separated by a canal and the size of the boats is therefore limited by the bridges that allow change shore. The South-side villas enjoy unforgettable sunsets and views of downtown Miami, behind Biscayne Bay. Those in the North have beautiful views of the very select Indian Creek and Stillwater.
The quality of life of the community is remarkable for its calm, space for walking or running, and the opportunity to walk to the beach (about 15 minutes walk depending on where the house is). The residents of the 300 houses are usually navigators, golfers or both! Two golf courses surround it: Indian Creek Country Club (one of the most exclusive clubs in the United States) and the Normandy Shores Golf Course.

Discover the houses for sale in Biscayne Point

Normandy Isles

This guarded community which also has a municipal golf course and tennis courts has long been a very affordable and particularly quiet neighborhood, just minutes from the beach, further north of Miami Beach. In the years 2008, the small houses of the 50s largely changed hands and each new owner renovated or rebuilt more often modern architect houses answering the wishes of the customers of today. Some of the houses are along the canal, others at the edge of the bay (ideal for mooring large yachts), while others are on the edge of the golf course. One can still find land at bay at less than 2.5 M$ while modern houses are selling double.

Discover the Houses for sale in Normandy Isles

Allison Island

It is an island of 3.4 hectares stretching between the island of La Gorce and Miami Beach. The south of the island is called Aqua and there are mostly some residential buildings and about fifty town houses with their pontoon and panoramic terraces. The north of the island is only composed of houses on the front of the bay and along the "intracoastal". This is the perfect setting for boat owners as the only street is lined with houses that all have access to water. Allison is a real who's who of traditional families in Miami, business leaders sometimes illustrating some famous success stories ... Allison has the particularity to allow access to walk to the beach which is just on the other side of the bridge, has 10 minutes only.

Discover the houses for sale in Allison Island

The Gorce Island

The Gorce is composed of two private islands and guarded 24/24. Most houses are inland, while some houses enjoy a waterfront often converted into private docks. The gardens are still immaculately maintained, not a sheet of overflowing! A few minutes from the island, on Alton Road, the La Gorce Golf Club is world famous and equally exclusive.

Discover the Houses for sale in La Gorce Island

Sunset Islands

It is a group of four jealously guarded islands, overlooking Biscayne Bay, just north of the Venetian Islands. Sunset 1 and 2 are connected and accessed by an elegant entrance located on Nord Bay Road. Sunset 3 and 4 are also connected to each other and accessible via a south-facing entrance, just steps from the trendy Sunset Harbor. Between the islands and the posh houses of North Bay Road, the small lake of Sunset is a charming shelter, also almost deprived as it is sheltered from the glances. The Miami Beach Golf Course is only 5 minutes away. These tree-lined islands are surrounded by historic villas of the 1930s, perfectly renovated, and beautiful modern houses made by architects and promoters of international renown.

Discover the houses for sale in Sunset Islands.

Hibiscus Island, Star Island and Palm Island

These are the three islands located along McArthur Causeway in Biscayne Bay. They also have many celebrities among their residents, attracted by the breathtaking views of downtown skyscrapers and the great cruise ships of the port, as well as the unforgettable sunsets, all in a central location on a quiet island. The most exclusive of the three is aptly named, Star Island, since it houses only 35 houses, while the other two house 150 each. Star Island regularly ranks as one of the most expensive transactions in Miami's history ($40 million dollars on average).
The villas are destroyed and built over the dreams of the new owners.
Discover homes for sale in Star Island, Palm Island and Hibiscus Island

Fisher Island

Fisher Island is not only the most private and exclusive community in all of Florida, it is also a symbolic episode in the history of Miami Beach. Located across the southern tip of Miami Beach (South Pointe) it is only accessible by helicopter or ferry and can only be entered by invitation from a resident. It owes its name to Miami Beach founder Carl Fisher, who had swapped her on a whim for a dream yacht that had entered Biscayne Bay while Fisher was a boat enthusiast. Fisher kept the yacht ... but died almost ruined ... Fisher Island has become one of the most expensive postcodes in the United States!
The people of Fisher Island enjoy their voluntary isolation, they seek discretion, without photographer or intruder. That's why among the residents, there will be great business magnates, show bizz stars or sports, a good representation of the international jet set.
The entrance ticket is high because to buy a property, you will have to pay an entrance fee. Then, every year, the maintenance costs of the island are not negligible, the services being of very high level: excellent school, famous golf course, tennis court, shop, beach club with restaurant at the water's edge , 24 hour security service & #8230; not to mention the ferry to return to the mainland!

Discover houses for sale in Fisher Island

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