"Miami Arty" Art Basel


On the occasion of Art Basel Miami 2018, Heidi Barnes has beautifully orchestrated several exceptional events on behalf of BARNES Art Advisory.

First, the meeting at the heart of the Design District with Cyril Kongo, internationally known graffiti artist who has just been commissioned by Chanel, in the brand new restaurant Swan, the result of a collaboration between Pharrell Williams, David Grutman and the French chef Jean Imbert.

During this rich week, the Luxury Living event also sparkled in the presence of Olga Vignatelli and Gabriel Erem. Then it was a highlight at Art Park, Rofaïda Zaïd presented us the extraordinary space dedicated to culture that brought together several artists and personalities to discover the works of Pharrell, Luka Zabat, Daniel Ashram or Arielle Pytka .

Finally, it is in the luxurious Marquis that the week ended with the opening of Charly Molina, a promising young emerging artist. An evening that brought together great collectors of street art, Hollywood producers and fashion figures, like the designer Hugo Matha House Ullens, and Cyril Bismuth, the jewelry designer that loves Karl Lagerfeld.

The motivation of Heidi Barnes is and will always be to create encounters around the beautiful in order to create exciting new artistic projects.

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