Miami, the best city to work in 2016

Miami, the best city or work in 2016

Miami has for some years been considered one of America's most enjoyable cities to work with, and this year it has taken the top position in Forbes Magazine. It outperforms competing cities in terms of work / life balance, quality of relationships with colleagues and supervisors, general work atmosphere, compensation, career development opportunities, corporate culture, and available resources, which are the criteria taken into account for the evaluation of each city.

A city that has become a pole of international attractiveness

The world-renowned seaside resort, hard hit by the financial crisis of 2008, has reinvented itself to become a pole of international attractiveness, with many expatriates settling there with their family and sometimes their company. It is ahead of cities like San Francisco, Los Angeles, Brooklyn or Jersey City.

In addition, the city has diversified its sectors, beyond tourism, by developing aeronautics, health, fashion, arts, and design. Startups are also beginning to be attracted by the favorable economic outlook for investment, and less competition in California than in terms of human resources.

Real estate development continues and increases

The 2nd largest financial market in the United States continues to grow over the years, particularly in the real estate sector, with many large urban projects developing employment and posting one of the lowest unemployment rates in the country.

It's good to live in Miami

Access to the Americas, cultural diversity, and the tropical climate provide a unique living environment for those wishing to settle and shine throughout the continent, from North to South.

Discover the video right here created by Forbes to present the top 10 ranking cities

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