If you want to invest in real estate in Miami, you are strongly recommended to be accompanied by a professionalbecause the peculiarities of this market are numerous and difficult to appreciate, especially for a foreigner. Whatever your real estate project in Miami, whether it's the purchase, sale or rental of a property, the purchase on plan, the opening of a business or the administrative procedures that accompany the whole, the Barnes Miami agency offers a full range of services à la carte.

If you are looking to rent, buy or sell an apartment or villa in Miami, it is best to turn to a real estate agent to whom to entrust your research. There is no point in approaching several different agents since everyone has access to the same database, called MLS, for the purchase and lease of goods. In addition, you should know that the fees of the real estate consultant are already included in the commission, which is paid by the seller and not by the buyer. So you have every interest in calling an agent!

At Barnes Miami, our team is at your disposal to advise you on all your real estate projects in Florida. In addition to this, we offer different services to accompany you:

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