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Brickell is a neighborhood dense, easy and dynamic in the very heart of Miami. It is the most important financial center of South Florida, and there are many headquarters of local, national or international companies. The inhabitants are mostly young executives, working the day in the glass skyscrapers, and enjoying the many bars and nightclubs in the area after dark.
Brickell's properties offer luxurious apartments and many facilities and services, making the lives of their residents a little paradise.

Brickell, a dynamic neighborhood

Brickell is the epitome of a vibrant neighborhood: hundreds of businesses have made it their home, including banks. All sectors are represented. In the street, one can observe businessmen and women in suits, working for these companies and living in the condos neighborhood, close to their place of work. To allow them to relax after their days of work, there are many good restaurants or pretty shops, especially at Mary Brickell Village.

Brickell, always on the move

The new heart of this district is the large commercial and residential complex named Brickell City Center. Its doors opened in 2016 but some elements are still under construction. The project, which cost more than one million dollars, offers more than 36,500 m² of offices, hotels, apartments and shops, including restaurants, art galleries and a luxury cinema. This project has given Brickell a new breath of fresh air, making the place even more pleasant to live in.

And when people in Brickell need a break away from the hustle and bustle, there are plenty of parks around them, including Simpson Park Hammock, Alixe Wainwright Park. There are also beautiful walks along the bay, offering precious moments of serenity.

Brickell also enjoys a central position in Miami, just minutes from other areas including Downtown and its museum and Wynwood and street art. The best beaches, South Beach and Key Biscayne, are easily accessible by car.

Apartments for sale in Brickell

Originally, the neighborhood that we now know as Brickell was very different. It was Miami's "Millionaire's Row," where the city's largest and most luxurious villas were located along Brickell Avenue, in honor of Mary Brickell, who owned several of these villas. But in the 1970s, building construction began in this area and the "Millionaire's Row" gradually moved to Miami Beach, and Brickell became the skyscraper district.

In the 2010s, Brickell experienced a new boom in residential buildings, called condos, either of a very high standard, or more affordable.

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