The BARNES House launches a department dedicated to yachting: BARNES Yachts

BARNES Yachts, the experience of excellence

After art and wine, the BARNES house launches a new department dedicated to yachting. A close partnership developed with Althaus Luxury Yachting, a recognized player in the luxury boating industry for over thirty years. Meeting with the founder of BARNES Yachts, Eric Althaus.

What are the missions of this new department?

BARNES Yachts is organized around several axes: the sale and the purchase of yachts, the seasonal hiring with more than 1 400 yachts with crews proposed around the world, the management of the yachts (customs, place to the port & #8230;), a Concierge service of exception and finally a component dedicated to the renovations and new constructions of yachts. With Thibault de Saint Vincent, president of the house BARNESwe share the same passion for excellence. The idea of combining our know-how to create a panel of expanded services around the yacht seemed natural to us.

What is the strength of Barnes Yachts?

A team of professionals with more than thirty years of recognized expertise, associated with the power of the BARNES network, present on 60 destinations and 88 agencies around the world. This offers an extraordinary guarantee: wherever you are in the world, an interlocutor can respond instantly to your expectations, whether it is to select a cruise, a crewed boat or to accompany a transaction.

Where does your love for these giants of the sea come from?

As a child, I dreamed of building yachts and exercising my father's trade. At 21, I pushed the door of his office to Monaco. I learned the trade by his side and together we created Fraser Yachts, one of the greatest leaders in the yachting industry and above all the fruit of a passion that has been handed down from father to son.

What are you passionate about yachting?

The notion of experience that we offer to our customers and that of "no limit". My job gives me the opportunity to realize the dream of a man or a woman, to transmit an emotion and that it is sublimated.

How is the yachting market evolving?

The rental market is rising sharply, with requests to destinations never visited and extreme experiences. For sale and purchase, the market is very active. As well as that of construction, with the emergence of greener alternatives for water treatment, propulsion modes and air conditioning systems of yachts. Finally, the notion of customization is more than ever at the heart of the expectations of our customers who wish to live totally confidential experiences.

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Eric Althaus, BARNES Yachts

Barnes Luxury Homes: the American edition is launched!

The American edition, the latest in BARNES LUXURY HOMES magazine


Twice a year, BARNES publishes and distributes the international edition of "BARNES LUXURY HOMES" around the world. This is a powerful communication tool, the magazine offering a selection of the finest properties in BARNES 'international portfolio, lifestyle inspirations and trends in the luxury market.

The American edition is launched!

Over the years, some BARNES agencies have chosen to launch national editions of the magazine, complementary to the international edition. This is the case of China, Switzerland, Israel, and now the United States!

The BARNES branches in Miami, New York and Los Angeles have therefore worked together to develop the first edition of the BARNES LUXURY HOMES specially dedicated to the United States. You will find an interview with Jamie Bush, a famous architect and designer, a lifestyle section, a part about architecture and of course some of the most beautiful properties of our three agencies.

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