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Coconut Grove is the area of Miami County that has been inhabited for the longest time. It was an independent village founded in the 1870s by an eclectic mix of Bahamian immigrants, artists and adventurers, creating a unique bohemian spirit that continues today. If you are looking for a lifestyle where freedom and culture matter, it's a home in Coconut Grove that you must find!

Coconut Grove, a cultural experience

From the beginning, Coconut Grove has attracted many artists, writers, musicians and other free spirits, creating a community placing culture first. And this legacy persists. This is the Miami district where you can find the oldest art galleries, and the cultural calendar of the city is more than busy, and all year long! The city organizes, for example, the Grove's artistic discoveries, or live concerts at Peacock Park, as well as various festivals, including the Coconut Grove Arts Festival, the King Mango Strut, and the Goombay Festival and Carnival.

Coconut Grove, to escape from Miami

Located south of Downtown, stretching along Biscayne Bay, Coconut Grove is now in the heart of Greater Miami. Yet the atmosphere is radically different from other parts of the city. It's a real escape from the anthill Miami, while staying only minutes away. The very bohemian lifestyle makes the Grove a relaxing destination, with many outdoor cafes, artisan shops and good restaurants.

Coconut Grove also day on its green side. The streets are lined with beautiful trees and the gardens are green, giving the city a tropical aspect. To this are added many parks in the city. We think of Kampong, a botanical garden popular with Grovites to wander the weekend, or Peacock Park, a meeting place for young people to play football or basketball in the shade of huge trees.

The marina of Coconut Grove also conveys this impression of tranquility. The Gravites can leave their boats there and enjoy them on sunny afternoons. It is a nice entry for a walk, especially soothing.

Coconut Grove, a residential and family neighborhood

All the reasons given are already good reasons to think that Coconut Grove can be the perfect place to start a family. But on top of that, the neighborhood is very safe. Most streets are pedestrian and easily accessible by bike. In addition, the city is home to excellent schools, from primary to high school, with 7 private schools and 7 public schools.

Most importantly, Coconut Grove is a residential area. The diverse activities and unique atmosphere attract tourists and visitors, but the Grove is still an authentic neighborhood. Condo buildings are mostly located at the water's edge, while the rest of the neighborhood is mostly houses.

Note that there are many private communities in Coconut Grove, such as the Moorings, Anchorage, Hughes Cove and many others. You can discover them all by clicking here.

So, among all the communities and homes in Coconut Grove, you have the opportunity to find the gem you've been looking for, while accessing a family-friendly community, promoting outdoor living and promoting art and entertainment. If you wish to discover our offers of houses in Coconut Grove, click here or do not hesitate to contact us!

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Coconut Grove and its closed communities

 Live in a secure and quiet community in the heart of Coconut Grove

"Gated communities" or "closed communities" are residential neighborhoods whose access is controlled, and in which the public space is privatized. The phenomenon is rare in France but in Miami, there are nearly a hundred! Today, the Barnes Miami team decided to introduce you to Miami Beach.

Coconut Grove is one of Miami's most enjoyable neighborhoods. The one nicknamed The Grove has this particular atmosphere mixing bohemian and elegance. It is a place turned to culture and to outdoor life where entertainment is not lacking! And it is one of the neighborhoods where we find the most closed communities, among the most exclusive. The demand is much higher than the offer and the beautiful houses they offer never stay long on the market!

Treasure Trove

In the heart of North Coconut Grove, this community includes only 10 homes. This is one of the few closed communities not to give on the water and this explains prices a little more affordable than others.
Price: between $1,4M and $2,5M

Discover the houses for sale in Treasure Trove

Camp Biscayne

26 gigantic houses to the storyteller opur this closed community. What makes its charm, it is undoubtedly that the greenery holds an important place.
Price: between $1M and $11M

Hughes Cove

At the canal edge, Hughes Cove offers magnificent properties and is one of the most private communities in all of Miami, with only 15 homes, all quite new. There are many boat lovers who take advantage of private docks. The community has a park and a tennis court. Only 4 homes have been on sale in the last two years.
Price: between $1,3M and $12,5M

Shop for sale in Hughes Cove

The Anchorage

With only 5 houses, the least we can say is that this community is very private! The turnover of the residents is therefore not very important.
Price: between $2,1M and $7M

Four Way Lodge Estates

It is one of the most affordable closed communities in Coconut Grove. With 44 houses, the turn-over of the residents is more important and some houses are located in dry grounds, although some overlook the canal or directly on the bay.
Price: between $875K and $4,5M

The Moorings

This community of 37 luxury houses consists of only 3 streets, surrounded by lush greenery. Some houses overlook the bay and the community has a park but also private docks.
Price: between $1,5M and $8,65M

DeGarmo Estates

This community, with no waterfront, offers only 10 homes that remain affordable while providing the serenity that comes with the security of a gated community.
Price: between $1,15M and $2,8M

Discover homes for sale in De Garmo Estates

Ye Little Wood

Offering 33 houses, this community is known for offering both charming cottages and very modern houses.
Price: between $1M and $4,2M

Entrada Estates

Located in South Coconut Grove, this community of 32 homes encompasses Stewart Avenue, Matheson Avenue and West Avenue. Like others, the community has a tennis court and private docks, as it overlooks the bay.
Price: between $1M and $5M

Discover the houses for sale in Entrada Estates


Here is an overview of the different closed communities of Coconut Grove. If you are interested in any of them, do not hesitate to contact our team of specialists to find out more about real estate opportunities!

Discover the closed communities of Miami Beach: right here.

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