Art Basel: art exhibits in building halls

When condos mingle with Art Basel

During'Art Basel, art is everywhere in Miami. In fairs, galleries, streets, or theaters. Even restaurants, hotels and nightclubs have seized the phenomenon by exhibiting works, hosting performances or offering themed evenings.
But now, residential buildings also become artistic scenes, as well as galleries. Here's a quick overview of new or recently completed programs that focus on artistic performance to attract potential customers, showing a glamorous facet of their possible future living space.

Art and condos blend well

We celebrate digital art and Canvas dancing

NR Investments, the promoter of Canvas, decided to host Hakanai for three days by Adrien M & Claire B and their performance mixing dance and music with digital. Performances will take place from Wednesday, December 6 to Friday, December 8, in the patio of the building still under construction, in the Arts & Entertainment District.


Art of another dimension at Echo Brickell

Only a few weeks after it opens, Echo Brickell will host a private party in honor of Antuan. The Cuban artist will unveil his collection called "Art from another dimension.


A studio at the Ritz Carlton

The Ritz Carlton Residences Miami Beach, currently under construction, put on the art to attract potential customers in his villa test. Local artist Tatiana Blanco will exhibit an interactive art installation.


The Faena District exposes itself

It's a whole swarm of artists who will expose themselves in the Faena District, a neighborhood totally redesigned and still under construction in places: Philip K. Smith III, Studio Drift and Peter Tunney. The facade of the Faena Forum just ready for Art Basel will be invested by Kelly Breez, based in Miami, by the collective Coral Morphologic and the Argentine artist Martin Borini.

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