The Florida Wine Route

Lovers of fine wines, embark on a road trip to discover the vineyards of Florida! A part of team Being of French origin, we respect the traditions by being amateurs of good wine and that is why we propose you today a road of the wines made in Florida, the opportunity to discover beautiful vineyards, to taste good wines and to see the country. Because Florida claims its status as the first vineyard in the United States, and that for decades, so why not enjoy!

Step 1: The East Coast

Our itinerary begins on the north-east coast of Florida, near St. Augustine, which can also be an opportunity to discover this charming little town. You will first discover the huge estate of San Sebastian Winery, where we produce up to 1250 crates of 12 bottles per day. One goes there especially for the adjoining jazz club, "The Cellar Upstairs", where you can enjoy sparkling wines or table wines, accompanied by cheeses.

After a short hike along the coast, you'll arrive at the Flagler Beachfront Winery, halfway between Saint Augustine and Daytona Beach, to enjoy fine wines and small dishes facing the sunset over the ocean.

Step 2: On the Orlando side

We then head to Orlando to discover the surrounding vineyards: Lakeridge Winery & Vineyards, Hutchinson Farm Winery and Cooper's Hawk Winery.

Lakeridge Winery & Vineyards is an ultra-modern 12-acre vineyard that can produce up to 2 million bottles! Its specialty is sparkling wine but there are also many grape varieties (Stover Suwannee, Mississippi Miss Blanc and others) that have often been awarded.

Hutchinson Farm Winery is a vineyard with a warm atmosphere. The owners, John and Sherry, welcome you to discover their wines and take care of you as if they have family!

The Cooper's Hawk Winery & Restaurants is a restaurant concept where every dish is associated with its a perfectly matched wine. The obejective? Make you spend a memorable moment.

Step 3: The West Side 

Direction Tampa or rather St Petersburg to discover the wines of West Florida. On the program: Murielle Winery, Florida's Orange Groves & Winery and Two Lions Winery.

With only 13 vats, Murielle Winery is a small estate where tastings are free. The plus: you can customize bottles to your name, to leave with a beautiful memory of your road trip wine!

Floridian Oranges, a must & #8230; declined even in the wine! At Florida Orange Groves & Winery, this former oranges company, we offer fruit-based wines other than grapes, from mangoes to grapefruit. An experience to discover!

The Two Lions Winery, an unpretentious place that has been filled! Here, we make beer and house wine and enjoy it in a warm atmosphere!

Step 4: The center

On the way back to Miami, we stop for a final stop at the Henscratch Farms Vineyard & Winery. Half closed half vineyard, here is an interesting project! You can not only buy country style wines, but also jams, fresh eggs or a supply of strawberries.

And now, the Florida wine route promises you many surprises, between ultra-modern vineyards and small family farms!

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