A destination to follow? Miami

Luxury real estate is in perpetual motion, following the evolution of our society and the choice of the high-end clientele, looking for more excellence. Whether it's capital cities, beautiful resorts or exclusive addresses, here's our selection of destinations to follow. What you have to discover today to better invest or live tomorrow:
Miami, Montreal, Lisbon, Porto, Madrid, London, Geneva, Monaco etc.

Among them, Miami Florida.

This international metropolis at the crossroads of the Americas is also open to Europe, the Middle East and Asia. The growing business sectors (merchandise and cruises, health, aeronautics, technology, & #8230;) add to the sunny climate all year round. It attracts wealthy people through prestigious events around yachts, Contemporary Art and Design (Art Basel Miami Beach, especially).

The most popular neighborhoods

Recent neighborhoods and those whose rental capacity is proven: Brickell, Edgewater, Downtown In the city center, Miami Beach. For the acquisition of primary and secondary residence, bay edges (villas) and seaside (apartments) in an area that ranges from Sunny Isles North to South Pointe south of Miami Beach, not to mention Venetian Islands, private or guarded communities (La Gorce Island, Bay Point, Sunset Islands), Coconut Grove and Key Biscayne.

Wanted properties

Architect's villas by the water, with pontoons & #8230; and apartments ("condos") offering breathtaking views of the bay, the ocean. The services are as varied as hotel services: swimming pools, gyms, spa & #8230;


The opportunity to enjoy the various lively places of the city, while enjoying a quality neighborhood life, personalized services and the most modern building standards.


It is varied in its ages, its origins, its aspirations. Miami attracts buyers from all over the world, with various motivations: investment, heritage diversification, second home, sustainable establishment.

Opportunities and perspectives

Miami is establishing itself as one of the four big American cities of the 21st century, with an increasingly young population, a business development in a favorable economic and fiscal climate.

Barnes Story:

A apartment bought at 9.5 Million $ by a renowned international client to a large American fortune. This exceptional property was "off market" but met all the criteria. And it was enough for the buyer and the seller to meet each other for the deal to be concluded!


What do we buy with $ 2 million?

A new apartment, with creative and innovative architecture located at the edge of the beach and enjoying high-end services or a four-bedroom villa on the water with pontoon.

And tomorrow ? Seduce millennials

Thirties are still quite rare today among luxury real estate buyers but it is obvious that they will be the ones who will hold the market in ten or twenty years.

For the Luxury Trend Report 2018 of Ifop, the first issue of luxury is "the conquest of the younger generations, millennials and generation Z". Who are they ? Difficult to answer with absolute precision, because there is no official definition. Millennials, often called Millennials, are the young adults born between 1980 and 2000, those born after 2000 who form the "Generation Z". Their common point? Being the first "digital natives" and focusing the attention of the luxury industries, who must absolutely capture their customers.

"Millennials reason digitally. They are entrepreneurs by nature, in a personal and professional environment that needs to stay connected, mobile and flexible. Their perception of real estate comes from it. They do not want to own in isolation, they want to share and change regularly. "
Rodrigo Uhart, 23, Designer, Artist, Entrepreneur

Millennials have become very influential billionaires, starting with the creators of Facebook, Google or Twitter, and more broadly those who have broken into the Internet and high-tech world.

The number of UHNWIs born between 1980 and 1995 remains low, as they represent only 3,2% of the world's wealthy population. Among them, the heirs are a minority, two-thirds of millennials having made their fortune through their own efforts (the same proportion as for all UHNWI).

By 2026, the main consumers of luxury will be, in number, the millennials. This forces luxury brands to adapt to maintain a constant level of desirability and their share in all markets. The actors of the luxury real estate must offer an offer and services able to satisfy them, especially as regards the communication, which must be digital, immediate and transparent.

This new clientele is fond of modern homes or penthouses domotized in urban areas. But it's a volatile population that likes change and never stays in real estate for a long time.

"Millennials live and consume digitally. Five years ago, no one would have imagined selling exceptional products online. While for the wealthy millennials, it is normal to buy an apartment, a luxury car or a yacht from a smartphone! "
Beno√ģt-Etienne Domenget, CEO of Sommet Education

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Art Deco in Miami Beach

All about Art Deco

Art Deco is omnipresent at Miami Beach. It is found on every street corner, with its pastel colors, geometric curves mixed with straight lines, portholes, chrome rails and glass blocks. This is even what makes all the charm of the neighborhood, creating this atmosphere of postcard.

The origins of Art Deco

Born in the 1910s, Art Déco is the first artistic movement to have had an international scope in architecture and decoration. It takes its name from theInternational Exhibition of Modern Decorative and Industrial Arts which took place in Paris in 1925. 

Downtown Miami.

He imposed himself after the war in opposition to Art Nouveau and his spirit of freedom, imposing a return to symmetry and geographical forms, with however a certain creativity in the use of colors. It is found throughout Europe, North America, North Africa, but also in Asia, in cities such as Shanghai or Hong Kong.

However, each region has adapted and the differences between the French Art Deco that can be found in Paris and the one found in Miami are very different.

Miami Art Deco District

Art Deco in Miami

AT South Beach, it is the whole neighborhood that was built according to the precepts of the Art Deco movement, with its own adaptation of the movement where we always find these geometric shapes. After a fire that devastated the entire neighborhood in 1926, the entire neighborhood is rebuilding and becomes the playground of architects who let their imagination play. The fact that the whole neighborhood was built during the same period explains the architectural unity that we find there. At the time however, white was omnipresent and colors very rare, and since the 1960s, the inhabitants of this style of another era and demolition projects are increasing. However, a movement of protection is formed and leads to the Miami Preservation League, created in 1976, which launches large renovation projects. This is the beginning of the pastel colors so characteristic of the neighborhood and which are the signature of the "Tropical Art Deco".

The city rediscovers its heritage and makes its business card, popularized by the television series "Miami Vice".

The Miami Art Deco District, which gained the status of a US historic district in 1979, extends from 5th Street to Dade Boulevard and includes 960 historic listed buildings, making it the most important Art Deco District. in the world !

Miami Art Deco District

If you want to immerse yourself in Miami Beach's Art Deco atmosphere, there are guided tours as well as annual events, including Art Deco Festival which takes place in January of each year.


Discover opportunities topurchase in Miamias well as opportunities for location in Miami.

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Neighborhoods in Miami: How to choose yours?

When we do not know Miami, we imagine it as a postcard decor: an infinite beach under a sun that would shine endlessly. However, what makes the city so rich is the diversity of neighborhoods that can be found there, sometimes far from what we imagine in Miami when we've never been there.

Choose your neighborhood carefully, a necessary step

Also, to choose a property in which invest in Miami, do not neglect the neighborhood where you want to settle. The atmospheres are very different and will greatly influence the lifestyle. Real estate prices can also change by a factor of two between two districts! The charm of Miami is due to the fact that the neighborhoods follow one another but are not alike. The best choice depends only on you, your expectations and your lifestyle.

Barnes offers a quick overview of the main Miami neighborhoods where it is good to settle down.


If you are looking for calm and a high quality of life, while remaining close to the city center, Aventura is an excellent area to live. This small town located northwest of Miami offers perfectly maintained streets, gigantic golf courses and many luxury boutiques.

The city is home to one of the largest commercial centers in the United States, attracting investors and tourists and generating vibrant economic activity.

Aventura offers a very comfortable quality of life to its residents, in particular with the help of a studied transport network, mild temperatures and a complete school system.

Bal Harbor and Surfside 

The Bal Harbor and Surfsid neighborhoodse are home to a population from around the world. This high-class neighborhood in North Miami Beach is just a chain of luxurious hotels and sandy beaches.


Brickell is Miami's financial district. If you are looking to live near your work, many apartment buildings are hidden among the countless glass and steel towers. The streets are uncrowded during the day, but once night falls, young executives turn into night owls ready to party all night long in the many bars in the area.

Adjacent to downtown Miami and not too far from South Beach, Brickell has seen a revival in recent years as young professionals have come in waves, bringing with them new developments of high-rise condos, restaurants and bars. fashionable and other trappings of the urban. alive. With excellent accessibility on foot, city dwellers appreciate their quick access to all the activities in the area.

Coral Gables 

This very residential area is populated by villas in styles ranging from Colonial to Renaissance via Art Deco, which are mostly invisible from the road, sheltered from view by the tropical vegetation escaping from the immense gardens. Coral Gables is the perfect place to raise children. There are many parks and the proximity of very reputable schools makes it a safe neighborhood in which to live.

This area is often described as one of the most beautiful neighborhoods not only in Miami, but also in America, as it is full of properties with 1920s Spanish architecture. Minutes from the beach, it also has excellent public schools and is one of the safest neighborhoods in Miami, attracting families from other parts of the city.

Coconut Grove 

If you are looking for authenticity, Coconut Grove is for you! In a very "village" atmosphere, the vegetation seems to be reclaiming its rights and the houses of disparate styles have something a little bohemian about them. 

Once Miami's artists' and writers' quarter, Coconut Grove has managed to maintain that artsy and relaxed feeling. Its walkable neighborhood is known for exploring beautiful Art Deco residences and gardens, biking along the boardwalk, and shopping in eclectic boutiques. Rich in history, Coconut Grove is a unique place to live.

Downtown Miami 

Ideally located, Downtown Miami has much to offer a city lover, despite having been neglected and underdeveloped for many years. Today, Miami boasts the third-tallest skyline in the country, filled with sparkling skyscrapers ‚ÄĒ and more taking shape. The city center offers many outdoor spaces and parks, as well as shops, restaurants, nightclubs and coastal markets.

South Beach 

South Beach is a real party paradise. It's the Miami we imagine, between Art Deco, cocktails, shopping and endless beaches. The neighborhood never sleeps, and that's the place to be if you are afraid of getting bored.

When most people think of living in Miami, they think of South Beach: beautiful people on an even more beautiful beach, a vibrant nightlife scene, celebrities, and art deco architecture. If you want to extend spring break as long as possible, South Beach might be the place for you. If you love the beach and epicureanism, consider South Beach to establish your new home.

Barnes Council 

Do not hesitate to contact your real estate agent in Miami to inform you about the different neighborhoods and their compatibility with your criteria. All real estate agents have access to the same properties so all you have to do is choose an agent who listens!

For more information on how to shop in Miami, check out our buyer's guide.

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Cultural life and education in Miami

The real estate itself is far from being the only criterion in the decision to invest abroad and that, the team of Barnes Miami knows it well! So to convince you to move to Miami, we explain why you will find everything you need in education and cultural life.

An intense cultural life

Far from what one can expect from a holiday destination like Miami, the city offers a cultural offer so rich and diversified that few other big cities can compete with it.

Museums and art galleries

Museums and art centers are legion in Miami: the Miami Art Museum, the Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts, the Bass Museum of Art, the Vizcaya Museum and Garden or the Wolfsonian Museum are than the biggest names in the region. To these are added a multitude of art galleries, present in many neighborhoods, including the Design District, Coconut Grove or Coral Gables. They present works from around the world but also many local artists.

Shopping and restoration

In a city where multiculturalism is the norm, it is no surprise to find an offer of restaurants and shops as varied and for all budgets, from the most demented to the tightest. The Dolphin Mall, Lincoln Road, Coco Walk or Miracle Mile are among the favorite addresses of all fashion models on the planet. Foodies are not left out since Miami is home to cuisine from around the world, from the typical American to European cuisine, through Asia, Africa and Latin America. All palaces of Miami have something to find their happiness!


You are surely aware of this point there. The nightlife of Miami is the dream of party-goers all over the world! The diversity of bars, clubs and night clubs promises to find the right atmosphere for your age and your musical tastes.


Perhaps the most surprising thing is that Miami has not lost its connection with nature. It remains ubiquitous and very accessible. The endless beaches, whether natural or landscaped, the countless parks of the city, some of which are world famous or the lagoons will allow afficionados of fresh air to enjoy the great outdoors while enjoying the benefits of great city. There are countless outdoor sports that can be practiced in Miami, on the water as on land.

Quality education

Another criterion more than important when one expatriates in family: the quality of the school system. And in Miami, you have something to be reassured because ...

5 good reasons to invest in Miami

1 & #8211; A dream destination

Miami is a destination that no longer presents. Who does not know its shining sun all year long on sandy beaches that stretch indefinitely at the feet of ultra-modern buildings and luxurious villas?
But Miami is more than just a cliché and a tropical holiday destination. The city offers a bubbling cultural life and an impressive diversity. Neighborhoods live under the same blue sky, but are not alike. There is something for everyone, for varied budgets, and varied lifestyles. If you want to know more about the neighborhood that best fits your project, it's here!

2 & #8211; Still affordable real estate prices

During the subprime crisis of 2008, Miami had been one of the cities in which prices had fallen the most. But it is also in Miami that the real estate is distributed more quickly. The reason for this craze? The appeal of investors around the world for this unique city on the international map, in the heart of the Americas, with considerable prospects, and a growing economy. Confidence has pushed up prices, but today it is estimated that the city has not said its last word, and that the prices it offers remain well below other global cities acclaimed internationally. So buying in Miami is enjoying a dynamic environment, but also rely on a promising development generator of capital gains in the medium-long term.

3 & #8211; An advantageous tax system

The state of Florida, and Miami Dade County do not levy income tax on its residents. They must pay the federal income tax (that of the United States). This removes 2 levels of taxes and thus alleviates the taxation of those with significant taxable income. Most other US states do not have this tax and residents are taxable at 3 levels (city - state - country).

This explains the attractiveness for Florida of entrepreneurs from New York and California for example.

In rental investment, under certain conditions, the rental income can be amortized during the period of ownership of the property through a depreciation mechanism.

In the event of a capital gain on the resale of real estate, the tax rate is around 15%, which remains much less important than in many European countries for example. Regarding the acquisition costs, they are reduced between 1.5 and 2.5 % of the purchase price.
Some countries, like France, have signed a tax treaty with the United States. This allows, under certain conditions, to avoid double taxation.

Florida and Miami offer a particularly interesting fiscal climate, but it is always essential to consult your accountant and tax specialist before acquiring a property, to check what applies to everyone's personal situation and to better structure your investments. from the beginning of the project. The heritage and estate aspect is, for example, another factor to be taken into account.

The Barnes office in Miami is there to direct you to professionals you can consult.

4 & #8211; A strategic geographical situation

For the last ten years, Miami has been speeding up the opening of airlines, making its airport an unmatched hub of the Americas, but also a gateway to the Americas for countries around the world. Recently, lines have been opened to the Middle East (Qatar), Tel Aviv, even Japan is planned in two years!

Just 30 minutes from Miami, Fort Lauderdale also has a growing international airport, including a choice of low cost companies including Europe (Norwegian airways has a direct line Miami-Paris).

Logically, this service to the two airports, makes Greater Miami a very suitable place as a starting point for the development of international business.

5 & #8211; A promising economic development

Miami's ability to attract entrepreneurs and investors from around the world and its unique position on the international scene today encourage the city and its economic actors to diversify the development axes.

Beyond tourism, a major historical winner of the business sectors, Dade County relies on diversity: import-export of course, financial center (the second of the United States after New York), but also aeronautical maintenance (Miami en has become a major center on the continent), life sciences, health and biotech, luxury and design sector, new technologies ... there is not a day without an announcement confirms the desire of Miami to win a new place in the sun of business.

Beyond its geographical position, one of the city's assets is a young population and a multi-cultural and multilingual environment sought after in a period when globalization is the key word of business. "Last but not least" in the essentials of sustained economic development, the legal and social climate is largely favorable to entrepreneurs.

The Mayor of Miami Dade's ambitions are clearly displayed: Miami is becoming, before the middle of this century, one of the 4 largest economic centers of the United States turned to international, joining NY, Los Angeles, Houston & #8230 ; and one of the major business centers of the world, like New York, London, Hong Kong or Singapore!


Rent a house in Coral Gables

Coral Gables Rental

Coral Gables is located southwest of Miami. This Mediterranean-style municipality is perfectly maintained and the quality of town planning is recognized at the national level, since it is one of the first planned cities that gives pride of place to the squares, roundabouts and avenues of old Europe. to beautiful houses with vast open gardens. It is a neighborhood that attracts families, thanks to the good public schools it houses, including bilingual schools or offering an "International Baccalaureate" or a French Bac.
The BARNES Miami team now offers a selection of homes for rent in Coral Gables, with properties ranging from 2 to 6 bedrooms.

6 rooms: 2715 Cordova St, Coral Gables, FL 33143

This beautiful contemporary property is tastefully furnished and offers 6 bedrooms and bathrooms. The outdoor area is divided into a garden, a sheltered terrace and a large swimming pool. It is offered by an agent of the BARNES Miami team at only $14,000 per month.

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5 bedrooms & #8211; 4403 Montserrate St, Coral Gables, FL 33143

Offered at $15,000 per month, this property therefore has 5 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms, in a Mediterranean style on 2 floors. The garden is very wooded and offers a large pool and outdoor dining area.

4 bedrooms & #8211; 970 San Pedro Ave, Coral Gables, FL 33156

This pretty house is a paradise for boat lovers, since it has direct access to the canal overlooking the ocean and a private dock. It is located in the private community Gables by the Sea, one of the most sought after Coral Gables. The master suite is very large and there are also 3 other rooms. It is offered at $11,000 per month.

3 bedrooms & #8211; 1110 San Pedro Ave, Coral Gables, FL 33156

Located in the Gables by the Sea private community, this property enjoys direct access to the ocean, 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, a 2-seater garage and a current balcony on the entire second floor. floor of the house. The garden has a swimming pool and a private dock. It is offered at $11,500 per month.

2 bedrooms & #8211; 1012 Columbus Blvd, FL 33134

This charming house is located in a very quiet street and has 2 bedrooms, as well as a study and a 2-seater garage. The property is proposed furnished for $3,450 per month. The garden offers a covered patio with a jacuzzi and a lounge area.

To discover all our offers of the moment in Coral Gables, click here.


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