Coral Gables: The magical Miami

Far from the tall buildings of Brickell and sparkling parties of Miami Beach, Coral Gables is a district attracting by its great diversity and its refinement, as well on the level of its architecture, as by its softness of living.

The architectural elegance ...

Renowned as one of Miami's finest neighborhoods, Coral Gables surprises with the beauty and stylistic diversity of its architecture. Founded by Georges Merrick in 1925, we discover various architectural trends of colonial inspiration (the Colonial Village), French (French City or Country Village), Chinese (The Chinese Village), or Italian (The Italian Village). When we walk there, a calm and somewhat quaint atmosphere surrounds us. Among the most beautiful places, you have to go to meet the Biltmore hotel, inspired by the Giralda in Seville and offering a majestic façade of Spanish inspiration 100 meters high. The hotel also has a beautiful golf course and the largest private pool on the American continent. Other superb constructions are to discover also, the Town hall, the Country club, or  the old police station ..

... cultural ...

Coral Gables offers a very appreciable cultural program. The theaters are numerous and offer Broadway shows or local and authentic creations (the Miracle Theater, the Gable Stage or Actor's Playhouse). The amateurs of cinema of author will also find their happiness with Coral Gables Art Cinema. It is also a city of festivals, galleries and vernissages. Mercedes-Benz of Coral Gables Night Live Gallery (every first Friday of the month), the Carnival on The Mile or theInternational Mango Festival (after that of Delhi!). Finally, Lowe Museum, and the Coral Gables Museum are not left with their collections and exhibitions of quality.

... natural

In summer, you will find a little freshness allied with a magnificent vegetation in Matheson Hammock Park, or to Fairchild Tropical Garden. Do not forget to take a dip in the precious Venetian Pool, built in the image of a discreet Venetian house with its precious lagoon. 

... without forgetting the shopping

The famous walk on the Miracle Mile will be the opportunity to discover small restaurants of all origins as well as refined local shops. The Merrick parkmall center is also the perfect place to stroll leisurely, spend an afternoon shopping or having a drink with friends. In the evening, places like the Room 25 or The Bar, are particularly appreciated for a pleasant evening.

Exceptional places of residence

If life in Coral Gables attracts you, you will find superb exceptional houses  spacious apartments for sale thanks to theestate agency BARNES Miami. Its consultants will select for you the most beautiful prestige properties for sale in the neighborhood.  

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The art of living in Wynwood

Formerly a ghetto that was little used in the 1990s, Wynwood has experienced an unprecedented boom over the last 20 years, becoming Miami's most visited art district.

Today its sparkling beauty and attractiveness almost defy the popularity of South Beach.

Divided between the Art District and the Fashion District, Wynwood is the bubbling arty district of Miami. Formerly an industrial area not recommended, its neglected warehouses are nowadays galleries, amenities, museums, bars art workshops striking colors and electric. One thing is certain: this fulgurating creativity and total freedom of artistic expression on the Wynwood Walls is what brought the neighborhood back to life. 

Emblematic place ofurban art in the open air, Wynwood is a celebration of Street Art through the works of Shepart Fairey, Ron English, The Pandilla, David Walker, Kashink and many more. The murals the multitudes of creative styles are offered to the eyes of walkers, without them getting bored. With more than 70 art galleries, museums and collections (Rubell Family Collection, and the MOCA Ascaso Gallery Inc, GGA GALLERY, Vintage Walt Grace, Gregg Shienbaum Fine Art ...) life in Wynwood is an unpredictable and endless artistic discovery. Every second Saturday of the month, the Wynwood Art Walks open the galleries from 18h to 22h, where we drink a glass, we walk from one gallery to another all evening, we discover new creations & #8230; 

Every evening, the neighborhood comes to life in the light of ultra-trendy bars and restaurants. If you have not yet set foot in the neighborhood, some are essential as the Wynwood kitchen Bar, the Little Haiti, Alter, 1-800 Lucky or KYU, Joey's

Art lovers who are attracted to Wynwood have organized their lives close to this district. BARNES offers you a unique selection of apartments for sale in the closest surroundings of this heart to Downtown, Brickell or Edgewaters

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A destination to follow? Miami

Luxury real estate is in perpetual motion, following the evolution of our society and the choice of the high-end clientele, looking for more excellence. Whether it's capital cities, beautiful resorts or exclusive addresses, here's our selection of destinations to follow. What you have to discover today to better invest or live tomorrow:
Miami, Montreal, Lisbon, Porto, Madrid, London, Geneva, Monaco etc.

Among them, Miami Florida.

This international metropolis at the crossroads of the Americas is also open to Europe, the Middle East and Asia. The growing business sectors (merchandise and cruises, health, aeronautics, technology, & #8230;) add to the sunny climate all year round. It attracts wealthy people through prestigious events around , Contemporary Art and Design (Art Basel Miami Beach, especially).

The most popular neighborhoods

Recent neighborhoods and those whose rental capacity is proven: Brickell, Edgewater, Downtown In the city center, Miami Beach. For the acquisition of primary and secondary residence, bay edges (villas) and seaside (apartments) in an area that ranges from Sunny Isles North to South Pointe south of Miami Beach, not to mention Venetian Islands, private or guarded communities (La Gorce Island, Bay Point, Sunset Islands), Coconut Grove and Key Biscayne.

Wanted properties

Architect's villas by the water, with pontoons & #8230; and apartments ("condos") offering breathtaking views of the bay, the ocean. The services are as varied as hotel services: swimming pools, gyms, spa & #8230;


The opportunity to enjoy the various lively places of the city, while enjoying a quality neighborhood life, personalized services and the most modern building standards.


It is varied in its ages, its origins, its aspirations. Miami attracts buyers from all over the world, with various motivations: investment, heritage diversification, second home, sustainable establishment.

Opportunities and perspectives

Miami is establishing itself as one of the four big American cities of the 21st century, with an increasingly young population, a business development in a favorable economic and fiscal climate.

Barnes Story:

A apartment bought at 9.5 Million $ by a renowned international client to a large American fortune. This exceptional property was "off market" but met all the criteria. And it was enough for the buyer and the seller to meet each other for the deal to be concluded!


What do we buy with $ 2 million?

A new apartment, with creative and innovative architecture located at the edge of the beach and enjoying high-end services or a four-bedroom villa on the water with pontoon.

And tomorrow ? Seduce millennials

Thirties are still quite rare today among luxury real estate buyers but it is obvious that they will be the ones who will hold the market in ten or twenty years.

For the Luxury Trend Report 2018 of Ifop, the first issue of luxury is "the conquest of the younger generations, millennials and generation Z". Who are they ? Difficult to answer with absolute precision, because there is no official definition. Millennials, often called Millennials, are the young adults born between 1980 and 2000, those born after 2000 who form the "Generation Z". Their common point? Being the first "digital natives" and focusing the attention of the luxury industries, who must absolutely capture their customers.

"Millennials reason digitally. They are entrepreneurs by nature, in a personal and professional environment that needs to stay connected, mobile and flexible. Their perception of real estate comes from it. They do not want to own in isolation, they want to share and change regularly. "
Rodrigo Uhart, 23, Designer, Artist, Entrepreneur

Millennials have become very influential billionaires, starting with the creators of Facebook, Google or Twitter, and more broadly those who have broken into the Internet and high-tech world.

The number of UHNWIs born between 1980 and 1995 remains low, as they represent only 3,2% of the world's wealthy population. Among them, the heirs are a minority, two-thirds of millennials having made their fortune through their own efforts (the same proportion as for all UHNWI).

By 2026, the main consumers of luxury will be, in number, the millennials. This forces luxury brands to adapt to maintain a constant level of desirability and their share in all markets. The actors of the luxury real estate must offer an offer and services able to satisfy them, especially as regards the communication, which must be digital, immediate and transparent.

This new clientele is fond of modern homes or penthouses domotized in urban areas. But it's a volatile population that likes change and never stays in real estate for a long time.

"Millennials live and consume digitally. Five years ago, no one would have imagined selling exceptional products online. While for the wealthy millennials, it is normal to buy an apartment, a luxury car or a yacht from a smartphone! "
Benoît-Etienne Domenget, CEO of Sommet Education

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Fashion instinct in Miami with Laure Hériard-Dubreuil

Co-founder in 2009 of the concept store The Webster in Miami, this fashion enthusiast has since opened several stores in the United States. Bright and cheerful, it symbolizes French elegance.

Where did you get the idea, crazy at the time, to open a concept-store devoted to fashion in Miami?

I knew the world of fashion well for having worked as merchandiser in prestigious houses such as Balenciaga or Saint Laurent. one day I discovered Miami, on the occasion of Art Basel. And I fell in love with this city: its beach, its sun, its Art Deco architecture. There was a special atmosphere. We felt that something was happening. Art Basel attracted collectors from around the world. But when I looked in Bal Harbor a little sophisticated outfit for the evening, I did not find anything. There were no brands I liked. I thought there was a lack and I started in this new life.

How did your debut go?

I went around the French designers to convince them that Miami was not this old and slightly rude city they had in mind, but a dynamic place, bright future. A bit like Art Basel for contemporary art, I tried to bring in the big names. After a first temporary shop, I opened The Webster in a South Beach Pink and Blue Art Building in 2009. The name came from an old 1930s hotel that was sitting there.

What is the concept you have developed?

I wanted to combine a classic fashion, symbol of chic Parisianism, with the Miami environment, sunny, latin, "fun". Break the usual codes of elegance by a warm and joyful twist; while respecting deeply the DNA of the houses that I knew well. And I created a very strong identity. I choose not only the assortment of brands that I present, but the precise models that correspond to me.
At the same time, I wanted to invent a different way of shopping. the idea is that we feel in our shops like at home. By privileging the reception, the notions of comfort, relaxation. The furniture is a mix of vintage and contemporary. In our concept-stores, as in our clothes, we must feel good.

For ten years, you have multiplied openings. Will you continue this expansion?
After South Beachwe opened in Bal Harbor to place ourselves in a very competitive environment. Then there was New York, Orange County California, Houston Texas; And by the end of 2019, we should be dying a new shop in Los Angeles.

Laure Hériard-Dubreuil

Do you stay true to fashion, but extend your activities to other areas of the art of living?

Yes. In New York, we have just partnered with David Mallet to launch a hair salon in Soho flagship store. And faced with the growing demand of some customers, we created a home department with the designer Stéphane Parmentier. He makes for us furniture, lamps, table services.

What are the criteria that guide your choices?

I am my instinct. Attentive to the evolution of fashion, design, I remain very faithful to the brands that I represent. I'm not so hooked on what lasts one season. I like to create real relationships, stable and lasting. Our customers enjoy being in a familiar, reassuring world. And they are sure to find with us parts that they want to wear for a long time.

Do you prefer black or color?

The colour ! In printed form. Pink is a little my favorite hue. There is also blue, chocolate, a little walleye. Everything that gives an impression of holidays, travel, ease and freedom.

You belong to a family famous in the world of cognac. Did your family history influence you?

A lot. I learned to be down to earth and the importance of rooting. The vine, spirits gain value over time. This is an essential notion in a world where we sometimes want things to go quickly.

What is being French in New York or Miami?

A blend of naturalness and sophistication. Sometimes, when I came back from the beach wet hair, not makeup and flat sandals, they looked at me strangely. I had to fancy myself a bit.

Your definition of elegance?

Feel good. If one simply dresses to be fashionable, one will not be elegant. What matters is the balance between what you wear and what you are.

By Bertrand de Saint Vincent. Camilo Rios pictures

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"Miami Arty" Art Basel

On the occasion of Art Basel Miami 2018, Heidi Barnes has beautifully orchestrated several exceptional events on behalf of BARNES Art Advisory.

First, the meeting at the heart of the Design District with Cyril Kongo, internationally known graffiti artist who has just been commissioned by Chanel, in the brand new restaurant Swan, the result of a collaboration between Pharrell Williams, David Grutman and the French chef Jean Imbert.

During this rich week, the Luxury Living event also sparkled in the presence of Olga Vignatelli and Gabriel Erem. Then it was a highlight at Art Park, Rofaïda Zaïd presented us the extraordinary space dedicated to culture that brought together several artists and personalities to discover the works of Pharrell, Luka Zabat, Daniel Ashram or Arielle Pytka .

Finally, it is in the luxurious Marquis that the week ended with the opening of Charly Molina, a promising young emerging artist. An evening that brought together great collectors of street art, Hollywood producers and fashion figures, like the designer Hugo Matha House Ullens, and Cyril Bismuth, the jewelry designer that loves Karl Lagerfeld.

The motivation of Heidi Barnes is and will always be to create encounters around the beautiful in order to create exciting new artistic projects.

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The BARNES House launches a department dedicated to yachting: BARNES Yachts

BARNES Yachts, the experience of excellence

After art and wine, the BARNES house launches a new department dedicated to yachting. A close partnership developed with Althaus Luxury Yachting, a recognized player in the luxury boating industry for over thirty years. Meeting with the founder of BARNES Yachts, Eric Althaus.

What are the missions of this new department?

BARNES Yachts is organized around several axes: the sale and the purchase of yachts, the seasonal hiring with more than 1 400 yachts with crews proposed around the world, the management of the yachts (customs, place to the port & #8230;), a Concierge service of exception and finally a component dedicated to the renovations and new constructions of yachts. With Thibault de Saint Vincent, president of the house BARNESwe share the same passion for excellence. The idea of combining our know-how to create a panel of expanded services around the yacht seemed natural to us.

What is the strength of Barnes Yachts?

A team of professionals with more than thirty years of recognized expertise, associated with the power of the BARNES network, present on 60 destinations and 88 agencies around the world. This offers an extraordinary guarantee: wherever you are in the world, an interlocutor can respond instantly to your expectations, whether it is to select a cruise, a crewed boat or to accompany a transaction.

Where does your love for these giants of the sea come from?

As a child, I dreamed of building yachts and exercising my father's trade. At 21, I pushed the door of his office to Monaco. I learned the trade by his side and together we created Fraser Yachts, one of the greatest leaders in the yachting industry and above all the fruit of a passion that has been handed down from father to son.

What are you passionate about yachting?

The notion of experience that we offer to our customers and that of "no limit". My job gives me the opportunity to realize the dream of a man or a woman, to transmit an emotion and that it is sublimated.

How is the yachting market evolving?

The rental market is rising sharply, with requests to destinations never visited and extreme experiences. For sale and purchase, the market is very active. As well as that of construction, with the emergence of greener alternatives for water treatment, propulsion modes and air conditioning systems of yachts. Finally, the notion of customization is more than ever at the heart of the expectations of our customers who wish to live totally confidential experiences.

Contact Us if you want to know more!

Eric Althaus, BARNES Yachts

Luxury real estate: A world of entrepreneurs and enthusiasts

Beyond a project of life, luxury real estate allows entrepreneurs to live their passions 

It is a constant on every continent, the wealthy, HNWI and UHNWI, are mostly entrepreneurs. 
As part of the management of their assets, they give each year an increasingly important place to luxury real estate. In this way, they will establish their main residence in one of the best-rated cities on the international scene, which will allow them, in addition to an added value over time, to stay in touch with other entrepreneurs working in the same sector on a daily basis. 
Beyond their primary residence, these buyers will again act as entrepreneurs when selecting their second homes. They transform as much as possible these goods into sources of income, via their rental for residential properties and via their exploitation for more entrepreneurial projects (vineyards, hotels, hunts, stud farms, etc.) 

For these entrepreneurs, especially the younger ones, real estate is not static. Their investments are part of a global entrepreneurial project, one that has allowed them to make a fortune. 

Acquire a prestige property as you acquire a business

For wealthy people, investing in luxury real estate should no longer be experienced as synonymous with a financial burden. In an ever more digital world, arbitrations must be quick, even to shake the established order. 

According to the site, just over 10% of American billionaires have pulled their income from real estate, some arguing that this is the best way to create real wealth while maintaining some financial independence. And even if real estate is primarily based on stone, new technologies have changed the rules of the game by accelerating and facilitating access to investment, especially abroad.

The need for global support

The art of living is a myriad of elements constituting a material heritage and especially intangible obvious and yet elusive. For HNWI and UHNWI, luxury real estate is only one aspect of this lifestyle that includes many others to allow them to live a unique experience in everyday life. 

Beyond luxury real estate, wealthy families have a vision overall about the organization of their daily lives. After having acquired their main residence in an international city of reference, they will build a portfolio of second homes fulfilling practical, emotional and financial aspects. Most entrepreneurs will then combine passion and entrepreneurship by investing in "passionate properties" such as hotels, stud farms, golf courses or vineyards. Investments in many other areas of passion such as theart, the yachtingsailing and collector cars will enable them to combine the art of living and entrepreneurship.


Global-property-pound hanbook

Barnes Miami, Barnes Yachts and Aston Martin Residences gathered for Yacht show

The event organized by Barnes Miami in partnership with Aston Martin Residences took place on February 15th in the presence of Heidi Barnes, founder of the Group, Thibault de Saint Vincent, CEO and Eric Althaus, who takes the lead Barnes Yachts With 30 years of experience in the yachting sector, providing exclusive luxury services and tailor-made solutions for all types of yachting projects.

When high-end residences are proposed along the "Miami River", the prestige boat on the edge of residence is essential. Barnes guests who were invited to the launch of Barnes Yachts, on the occasion of the famous Miami Yacht Show, could admire under the stars and in the magical atmosphere of Downtown at night, both the project of with Aston Martin Residences and the magnificent yacht:  Athena just inaugurated by the shipyard Sunreef.

On the city side, with Aston Martin Residences in the heart of downtown Miami, they offer a superb, slender tower like a ship, with breathtaking views of the bay, a quality of services and services worthy of the legendary brand. 

Guests at Barnes Miami have admired the overall design of the apartments on offer, and the details as elegant on door handles as in the finishes of kitchens and bathrooms.

Sunreef Athena Catamaran presented by Barnes Yachts

On the bay side, the ship presented by Barnes Yachts is the latest of the prestigious Sunreef Athena. This ultramodern motor catamaran takes its name from the Greek goddess of wisdom, courage, mathematics and the arts. The yacht is distinguished by its sublime design, advanced technology and pioneering character. The Sunreef Supreme 68 Power Athenais a new type of power catamaran, the fruit of a constant search for innovation and quality. Guests at Barnes Miami were able to enjoy the large reception areas inside and panoramic views from the outside decks.

Based in the Principality of Monaco, capital of yachting, Barnes Yachts now relies on the international network BARNES present in the luxury destinations of the world, Saint Tropez, at Saint Barth, Passing by  Miami or Los Angeles... to meet customers, share experiences and guide yachting decisions.

Customers will be able to find the same quality of service and support, the same concern for refinement and elegance, in two complementary universes that each require a level of specialized expertise. 

Do not hesitate to us contact for more information.

Art Deco

All about Art Deco

Art Deco is omnipresent at Miami Beach. It is found on every street corner, with its pastel colors, geometric curves mixed with straight lines, portholes, chrome rails and glass blocks. This is even what makes all the charm of the neighborhood, creating this atmosphere of postcard.

The origins of Art Deco

Born in the 1910s, Art Déco is the first artistic movement to have had an international scope in architecture and decoration. It takes its name from theInternational Exhibition of Modern Decorative and Industrial Arts which took place in Paris in 1925. 

Downtown Miami.

He imposed himself after the war in opposition to Art Nouveau and his spirit of freedom, imposing a return to symmetry and geographical forms, with however a certain creativity in the use of colors. It is found throughout Europe, North America, North Africa, but also in Asia, in cities such as Shanghai or Hong Kong.

However, each region has adapted and the differences between the French Art Deco that can be found in Paris and the one found in Miami are very different.

Miami Art Deco District

Art Deco in Miami

AT South Beach, it is the whole neighborhood that was built according to the precepts of the Art Deco movement, with its own adaptation of the movement where we always find these geometric shapes. After a fire that devastated the entire neighborhood in 1926, the entire neighborhood is rebuilding and becomes the playground of architects who let their imagination play. The fact that the whole neighborhood was built during the same period explains the architectural unity that we find there. At the time however, white was omnipresent and colors very rare, and since the 1960s, the inhabitants of this style of another era and demolition projects are increasing. However, a movement of protection is formed and leads to the Miami Preservation League, created in 1976, which launches large renovation projects. This is the beginning of the pastel colors so characteristic of the neighborhood and which are the signature of the "Tropical Art Deco".

The city rediscovers its heritage and makes its business card, popularized by the television series "Miami Vice".

The Miami Art Deco District, which gained the status of a US historic district in 1979, extends from 5th Street to Dade Boulevard and includes 960 historic listed buildings, making it the most important Art Deco District. in the world !

Miami Art Deco District

If you want to immerse yourself in Miami Beach's Art Deco atmosphere, there are guided tours as well as annual events, including Art Deco Festival which takes place in January of each year.


Discover opportunities topurchase in Miamias well as opportunities for location in Miami.

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Credit photo: Manuel Gamba, 2013 & #8211; via Flickr under CC BY-NC 2.0



Cultural life and education in Miami

The real estate itself is far from being the only criterion in the decision to invest abroad and that, the team of Barnes Miami knows it well! So to convince you to move to Miami, we explain why you will find everything you need in education and cultural life.

An intense cultural life

Far from what one can expect from a holiday destination like Miami, the city offers a cultural offer so rich and diversified that few other big cities can compete with it.

Museums and art galleries

Museums and art centers are legion in Miami: the Miami Art Museum, the Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts, the Bass Museum of Art, the Vizcaya Museum and Garden or the Wolfsonian Museum are than the biggest names in the region. To these are added a multitude of art galleries, present in many neighborhoods, including the Design District, Coconut Grove or Coral Gables. They present works from around the world but also many local artists.

Shopping and restoration

In a city where multiculturalism is the norm, it is no surprise to find an offer of restaurants and shops as varied and for all budgets, from the most demented to the tightest. The Dolphin Mall, Lincoln Road, Coco Walk or Miracle Mile are among the favorite addresses of all fashion models on the planet. Foodies are not left out since Miami is home to cuisine from around the world, from the typical American to European cuisine, through Asia, Africa and Latin America. All palaces of Miami have something to find their happiness!


You are surely aware of this point there. The nightlife of Miami is the dream of party-goers all over the world! The diversity of bars, clubs and night clubs promises to find the right atmosphere for your age and your musical tastes.


Perhaps the most surprising thing is that Miami has not lost its connection with nature. It remains ubiquitous and very accessible. The endless beaches, whether natural or landscaped, the countless parks of the city, some of which are world famous or the lagoons will allow afficionados of fresh air to enjoy the great outdoors while enjoying the benefits of great city. There are countless outdoor sports that can be practiced in Miami, on the water as on land.

Quality education

Another criterion more than important when one expatriates in family: the quality of the school system. And in Miami, you have something to be reassured because ...

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