Neighborhoods in Miami: How to choose yours?

When we do not know Miami, we imagine it as a postcard decor: an infinite beach under a sun that would shine endlessly. However, what makes the city so rich is the diversity of neighborhoods that can be found there, sometimes far from what we imagine in Miami when we've never been there.

Choose your neighborhood carefully, a necessary step

Also, to choose a property in which to invest in Miami, do not neglect the neighborhood where you want to settle. The moods are very different and will greatly influence the lifestyle. Real estate prices can also change from single to double between two neighborhoods! The charm of Miami is that neighborhoods are linked but not alike. The best choice depends only on you, your expectations and your lifestyle.

Barnes offers a quick overview of the main Miami neighborhoods where it is good to settle:


If you are looking for calm and a high quality of life, while staying close to downtown, head towards Aventura ! This city located northwest of Miami offers perfectly maintained streets, gigantic golf courses and many luxury boutiques.

Bal Harbor and Surfside:

Neighborhoods Bal Harbor and of Surfside are home to a population from around the world. This high-class neighborhood in North Miami Beach is just a chain of luxurious hotels and sandy beaches.


Brickellit's the financial district of Miami. If you are looking to live close to your work, many residential buildings are hidden among countless glass and steel towers. The streets are not crowded during the day but once night falls, the young executives turn into night birds ready to party all night in the many bars in the area.

Coral Gables:

This very residential city is peopled with villas with styles ranging from Colonial to Renaissance through Art Deco, which are mostly invisible from the road, sheltered by the tropical vegetation escaping from the huge gardens. Coral Gablesit is the perfect place to raise children. The parks are numerous and the proximity of famous schools makes it a safe and good place to live.

Coconut Grove:

If you are looking for authenticity, Coconut Grove is made for you ! In a very "village" atmosphere, the vegetation seems to be recovering its rights and the houses with disparate styles have something a little bohemian. And it's a true paradise of sport. Between walking, cycling and sailing, there is something for everyone.

Downtown Miami:

Close to Brickell while being a bit more residential, Downtown has many assets to make. The district is in full development and the real estate projects multiply.

South Beach:

South Beach is a true paradise of the party. This is the Miami we imagine, between Art Deco, cocktails, shopping and beaches stretching to infinity. The neighborhood never goes to sleep, and it's the place to be if you are afraid of getting bored.

The council of Barnes :

Do not hesitate to call on your Miami real estate agent to inform you about the different neighborhoods and their compatibility with your criteria. All real estate agents have access to the same properties so all you have to do is choose an agent to listen!

For more information on how topurchase in Miami, discover our buyer's guide.


A house in Coconut Grove

Rent a house in Coconut Grove

Buy a house in Coconut Grove

Coconut Grove is the area of Miami County that has been inhabited for the longest time. It was an independent village founded in the 1870s by an eclectic mix of Bahamian immigrants, artists and adventurers, creating a unique bohemian spirit that continues today. If you are looking for a lifestyle where freedom and culture matter, it's a home in Coconut Grove that you must find!

Coconut Grove, a cultural experience

From the beginning, Coconut Grove has attracted many artists, writers, musicians and other free spirits, creating a community placing culture first. And this legacy persists. This is the Miami district where you can find the oldest art galleries, and the cultural calendar of the city is more than busy, and all year long! The city organizes, for example, the Grove's artistic discoveries, or live concerts at Peacock Park, as well as various festivals, including the Coconut Grove Arts Festival, the King Mango Strut, and the Goombay Festival and Carnival.

Coconut Grove, to escape from Miami

Located south of Downtown, stretching along Biscayne Bay, Coconut Grove is now in the heart of Greater Miami. Yet the atmosphere is radically different from other parts of the city. It's a real escape from the anthill Miami, while staying only minutes away. The very bohemian lifestyle makes the Grove a relaxing destination, with many outdoor cafes, artisan shops and good restaurants.

Coconut Grove also day on its green side. The streets are lined with beautiful trees and the gardens are green, giving the city a tropical aspect. To this are added many parks in the city. We think of Kampong, a botanical garden popular with Grovites to wander the weekend, or Peacock Park, a meeting place for young people to play football or basketball in the shade of huge trees.

The marina of Coconut Grove also conveys this impression of tranquility. The Gravites can leave their boats there and enjoy them on sunny afternoons. It is a nice entry for a walk, especially soothing.

Coconut Grove, a residential and family neighborhood

All the reasons given are already good reasons to think that Coconut Grove can be the perfect place to start a family. But on top of that, the neighborhood is very safe. Most streets are pedestrian and easily accessible by bike. In addition, the city is home to excellent schools, from primary to high school, with 7 private schools and 7 public schools.

Most importantly, Coconut Grove is a residential area. The diverse activities and unique atmosphere attract tourists and visitors, but the Grove is still an authentic neighborhood. Condo buildings are mostly located at the water's edge, while the rest of the neighborhood is mostly houses.

Note that there are many private communities in Coconut Grove, such as the Moorings, Anchorage, Hughes Cove and many others. You can discover them all by clicking here.

So, among all the communities and homes in Coconut Grove, you have the opportunity to find the gem you've been looking for, while accessing a family-friendly community, promoting outdoor living and promoting art and entertainment. If you wish to discover our offers of houses in Coconut Grove, click here or do not hesitate to contact us!

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