Sport in Miami: what you need to know

Miami Sport

It's now official, Miami will host a new Major League football team led by David Beckham. The construction a stadium in the district of Overtown should begin soon.

This is an opportunity for the Barnes team to give an overview of the relationship between Miami and sport.

What are the sports teams?

If you do not want to appear uneducated during your stay in Miami, know the main sports teams of the "Magic City" is a must. Whether you want to join a group of locals or you plan to shine in society, here's what you need to know.

Miami is the playground of 4 major teams, in 4 different sports.

Miami Heats for basketball

Miami Sport - What You Need to Know - Miami Heats for Basketball
The Miami Heats, legendary NBA team, the basketball league. To discover the matches with the fiery atmosphere, head for the American Airlines Arena, at the edge of the bay. Between cheerleaders, flaming torches and giant screens, these matches are real shows that are not intended for basketball fans!

Miami Dolphins for American Football

Miami Sport - What You Need to Know - Miami Dolphins for American Football
The Miami Dolphins, NFL member for American football. True national religion, the American football unleashes the crowds. The distance to reach the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens does not discourage fans, who gather a few hours before the game around beer and barbecue!

Miami Marlins for baseball

Miami Sport - What You Need to Know - Miami Marlins for Baseball
The Miami Marlins, representatives of the typical American sport of baseball. It is a real must and the huge stadium is commensurate with the passion of the locals for their team!

Florida Panthers for Ice Hockey

Miami Sport - What You Need to Know - Florida Panthers for Ice Hockey
The Florida Panthers, a little less known, are the ice hockey team of the region. However, the matches are worth the detour and are a real dive into the American culture. To attend a match, head for Sunrise, further north of Miami. .

It is not uncommon to see locals or even tourists support their favorite teams with jerseys or caps. It is even essential to attend a match, and young and old disguise themselves with pleasure!

In Miami, we can also attend other high-level sports competitions, including sailing, during the Miami Sailing Week which brings together sailing boats from around the world, or tennis, during the Open Miami which hosts the greatest players on the planet.

What sports do we practice in Miami?

But in Miami, we do not just attend games. Sport is practiced, and not just a little. The city is known around the world for its body worship and in many areas, it is impossible to walk without meeting joggers, cyclists or skateboarders. Their favorite spot is undoubtedly Ocean Drive, because the setting is particularly suitable: the views are magnificent and the ocean air compensates for the heat sometimes suffocating Miami.

Running and bodybuilding

The marathon and the half marathon of Miami are the opportunity to run to environments of incredible landscapes, including Key Biscayne. But two clans clash, on one side these adepts of pure air and beautiful landscapes, and on the other the fans of sports halls. Most of condo buildings now have theirs, and for the abandoned have bloomed everywhere other rooms. In addition to ultra-sophisticated machines, dozens of courses are often given, ranging from classic step-by-step sessions to less traditional sports, such as spinning or kettlebell. And if you do not want to invest in a subscription to a gym, the cities of Miami and of Miami Beach outdoor courses with different weight machines are made available to their residents.

Nautical sports

But Miami is also the world of marine sports: surfing, diving, surfing, paddle boarding, jetskiing, or simply swimming, there is something for everyone. The sun that reigns throughout the year makes you want to enjoy the outdoors. The unspoiled environment of Biscayne Bay is particularly suited to sailing, and clubs have flourished along Bayshore Drive in Coconut Grove. Whether you are an experienced navigator or just looking to discover this sport in a world famous spot, you will find your happiness! The Miami Sailing Club and the Coconut Grove Sailing Club offer a wide variety of options, ranging from activities of a few hours to intensive courses. If you want to combine fun and civic engagement, head for Shake-a-Leg Miami, still in Coconut Grove, which allows people with disabilities to enjoy water activities.
You will also find a catamaran club at Key Biscayne, and the Miami Yacht Club between Miami and Miami Beach.


Yoga has also found a place in the Florida sun. The clubs have multiplied but not only, since yogis apprentices are also found outdoors, sometimes for free, in the various parks of the city but also on the beaches. This is particularly the case twice a day in South Pointe, with daily and free yoga classes. How to start the day better?


But let's not forget the sport that Florida loves, golf. With some 1240 golf courses in the state of the sun, Miami could only do the trick! We thus find both private and public golf courses, distributed in all neighborhoods of the city, from the most modest to the most impressive. We think in particular of the public golf of Crandon Golf in Key Biscayne, at the Country Club Golf Course Miami Shores, at the famous and exclusive La Gorce Club in Miami Beach, the Indian Creek, Normandy Shores, or the Biltmore, Granada and the Riviera Country Club in Coral Gables.

As you can see, Miami has a special place to go, and there's no better way to feel the soul of the city than to attend a big team game, rush into a room. to participate in an outdoor yoga class ...