Inventory: There are no more houses for sale in Miami!


Given the international situation, Miami is the new El Dorado of the United States; the city where everyone wants to come and live. A very enviable lifestyle, a temperate climate all year round, space, light and magnificent fine sandy beaches, finally to conclude, an argument that hits the mark; no income tax! What could be more tempting then, but we must act quickly because the inventory of goods for sale has never been so low and the city is attracting more and more buyers.

More seriously and beyond an exceptional quality of life throughout the year, Miami is a city that encourages real estate investment for many reasons:

With prices that remain below the average for major international capitals, Miami is attracting many investors likely to secure more than 5% profitability. The city currently has an ever-increasing population from New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts in search of space and sun, who wish to acquire a pied-à-terre by the ocean or simply change. of life. What makes Miami today an extremely active and attractive city.

The city, cosmopolitan and multicultural par excellence, has more of 2.7M inhabitants. 60 different languages are spoken for 100 countries represented. It should also be noted that some 900 people arrive in Florida every day, ensuring an ever more dynamic demographic balance. This is also one of the reasons why Miami has the 4th largest school zone in the US.

Carrying more than 4 million passengers each year, Miami, also nicknamed the Capital of Cruises, is the 1st port in the country and the 3rd aeronautical hub in the US with more than 33.5 million passengers transported each year.

The current pandemic is leading to the arrival of a growing number of tech companies from Silicon Valley or Texas which are redeploying to Miami, the “Magic City”.

Miami is also the 2nd fastest growing city in the US and this thanks to a most favorable tax system since there is no income tax in Florida. As a result, the city is the #1 destination for the creation of start-ups, it also hosts more than 1000 multinationals. Thus Florida as a whole represents the 4th largest economy in the United States and the 3rd state with the best return on investment.

So many arguments that have pushed many buyers to come and invest in Miami. Will it be your turn soon?

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