An exceptional vintage, a rare and sought-after asset

The wine estate by Barnes

Just like a work of art, the vineyard makes you dream. Buy one exceptional wine estate, producing your wine, the vintages of which are sold successfully in France and all over the world, turns out to be the most beautiful adventure. Beyond the art of living and the passion for wine, an exceptional vintage is today a rare and sought-after asset.

Invest in a vineyard, it is to link the passion to the entrepreneurial approach. 

Our team, made up of experienced professionals in the fields of wine and finance, assists you throughout the process of file analysis, acquisition, and the development of the business plan, an essential step in any business process. 'investment. In addition to these services, we provide you with a complete range of post-acquisition services. From advice to comprehensive management, our teams guide you towards success.

Thanks to the international network of BARNES and our customer portfolio, BARNES Vineyards Investment becomes your interlocutor of choice for a wine transfer or acquisition.

BARNES Vineyards

BARNES Vineyards Investment, the department of Maison BARNES dedicated to wine mergers and acquisitions.

A careful selection of the best assets will provide investors with unique opportunities: classified grands crus, exceptional terroirs, etc.

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