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Barnes Miami has prepared answers to the most common questions we receive regarding our services, the Barnes International Group or other topics. Can not find the answer to your question ? Our team is at your service, contact us right now.

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About Barnes

Where does the Barnes house come from?

Founded by Heidi Barnes more than 25 years ago and chaired by Thibault de Saint Vincent, BARNES is today a major player in international high-end residential real estate, established in the most beautiful cities and vacation spots in the world.

What services does your agency offer?

Barnes Miami offers you its services related to luxury real estate in Miami: sales operations, rental and property management. With an international clientele and a worldwide reputation, the BARNES Miami agency strives to provide you with a level of expertise and services worthy of the most exclusive locations in which it is present.

What area do you cover in Florida?

The Barnes Miami team operates in the South Florida area. However, as an international company, we collaborate with our network of 130 offices around the world to support you in your projects abroad.

Is Barnes just a real estate agency?

A major player in high-end real estate and ambassador of the French art of living, the Maison BARNES operates in more than 19 countries and 75 destinations, and supports its clients in all their life projects: prestigious real estate, art or yachting.

What is the easiest way to contact you?

We are in constant contact with our real estate agents in the field. Fill this contact form in order to be contacted within 24 hours by a member of our team.

How many Barnes branches are there worldwide?

BARNES is present in more than 19 countries and 75 destinations, supporting its customers in all aspects of their lifestyle ambitions through its 150 agencies. 

Do you have a rental management service?

Barnes offers a property rental management service or “Property Management» quality to all owners and investors who own a property in the Miami region and want a trusted contact on site.

I'm planning to move to Miami, can you help me?

The answer is yes ! Based in Miami and internationally, BARNES offers unique and personalized expertise to best support its clients during their moving at Miami. Contact us right here to discuss your project together.

Do you speak several languages within your agency?

Barnes Miami benefits from an international culture with a team fluent in English, Spanish and French.

I live in Miami and would like to buy abroad, how should I proceed?

BARNES INVEST ABROAD works with local experts located in our 90 offices around the world. Thus, we give our clients real-time access to unique opportunities, constantly benefiting from a high level of personalized and adapted services and advice. Contact our team right here in order to benefit from complete monitoring for your investment abroad.

Your project in Miami

What is the ideal neighborhood to live in Miami?

Choosing the ideal neighborhood to live in Miami depends on individual lifestyle preferences, budget, and other factors. However, here are some popular neighborhoods to live in in Miami:

  • Coconut Grove : Located south of downtown Miami, Coconut Grove offers a relaxed tropical atmosphere, with parks, restaurants, shops and cultural attractions like the Vizcaya Museum and Gardens.
  • Brickell : Often referred to as the “Manhattan of the South,” Brickell is a growing urban neighborhood home to numerous skyscrapers, trendy restaurants, bars, boutiques, and vibrant nightlife.
  • Coral Gables : Known for its tree-lined streets, Mediterranean architecture and chic residential ambiance, Coral Gables is an elegant neighborhood home to upscale boutiques, art galleries and fine restaurants.
  • South Beach : Known for its white sand beaches, vibrant nightclubs, upscale restaurants and iconic Art Deco architecture, South Beach is a vibrant neighborhood in the heart of Miami Beach.
  • Key Biscayne : A barrier island located off the coast of Miami, Key Biscayne offers a tranquil island lifestyle with beautiful beaches, parks, golf courses and a family-friendly atmosphere.

Why should I invest in new developments in Miami?

Investing in new construction in Miami offers a compelling opportunity to capitalize on the city's dynamic real estate market and secure attractive returns. With its prime location, high demand, modern amenities, appreciation potential, favorable financing options and diverse investment opportunities, Miami stands out as a leading destination for real estate investment.

Which neighborhood should I invest in in Miami?

Miami has become one of the most affluent metropolises on the American continent. With its tropical climate and economic status, the city continually attracts investors looking for opportunities. Find out here our selection of neighborhoods where it is good to invest in 2024.

How long does it take to sell real estate?

This is a question that is almost impossible to answer. The sale of a property varies depending on several factors such as the state of the current market, geographic location, price or even the condition of the house.

Is the price of real estate negotiable?

Of course. Generally, there is a distinction between the displayed price and its actual selling price. The current real estate market situation will influence the room for maneuver available for negotiation.

What credit score do I need to buy a property in Miami?

In general, a credit score of 620 or higher is often considered the minimum threshold for obtaining a mortgage in many cases. However, to obtain better interest rates and more favorable loan terms, a higher credit score, such as 700 or higher, may be recommended. It is always best to consult a qualified mortgage provider directly for specific information on credit requirements for purchasing real estate in Florida, as they can vary from company to company.

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