Wynwood, Miami's iconic design district

East of Midtown, in a former warehouse district that had fallen out of favor when the textile industries deserted it, Wynwood had become a real no man's land. It's thanks to Toni Goldman's ideas and vision that in less than 10 years the neighborhood has become one of Miami's hippest places.

Wynwood is famous for its colorful walls covered in graffiti and murals, making it one of the largest street art districts in the world. Visitors can explore the many contemporary art galleries, artist studios and exhibition spaces that populate the neighborhood's streets.



At the heart of the neighborhood are the Wynwood Walls, an iconic collection of murals by renowned local and international artists. These walls serve as a backdrop for a variety of artistic and cultural events throughout the year.


The expression of street art

Wynwood's key idea was to give voice to "Street Art" and to create an open-air art museum on the walls of the warehouses. The walls are decorated with works created by the best graphic designers in the world, selected by a committee (led by Jessica Goldman, daughter of T. Goldman) which ensures the renewal of this ephemeral museum. Wynwood only becomes more attractive since the walls are built and dismantled from one month to the next. New restaurants are teeming with people, fashion designers and concept stores have taken up residence in this bustling environment, not to mention countless galleries.


In addition to street art, Wynwood is home to many trendy cafes, restaurants, bars and boutiques. The neighborhood is lively day and night. A vibrant and eclectic atmosphere attracts local residents, tourists and art lovers.


Wynwood hosts many arts, cultural and music events throughout the year. We attend street festivals, art exhibitions and live performances. There is always something to discover in this lively neighborhood.

Wynwood is an iconic neighborhood in Miami, known for its vibrant street art and contemporary art galleries. It's also known for its culinary scene and eclectic entertainment spaces. It’s a must-see for art lovers and travelers seeking urban culture.

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