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Barnes offers a quality rental management service to all owners and investors who own a property in the Miami area and wish to, on site, a trusted interlocutor.

Barnes Miami Team rental management

Rental management by Barnes

Barnes now has more than sixty properties. Whether your property is rented or is your second home, we offer you a range of à la carte services.

Our à la carte services

| Insurance

Barnes works with several insurance companies (insurance brokers), who will offer you quotes tailored to your needs. In Florida, the four most common and recommended insurance policies are: 

  • Classic property insurance or "homeowners insurance": covers in particular water damage and fire, it varies according to the type of property.

  • Hurricane insurance: most often included in property insurance, it covers damage caused by exceptional weather phenomena such as hurricanes and tornadoes. It comes highly recommended in Florida but not required if you haven't purchased on credit.

  •  Flood insurance: only for houses located in flood zones. Not required if you did not buy on credit. 

  • Liability insurance: sometimes included in the classic property insurance, it may be necessary in addition to a minimum coverage included in the property insurance in order to obtain better protection.
rental management of your property in Miami

| An accountant

In rental management, Barnes strongly advises its clients to choose a local accountant who will prepare the end-of-year tax returns ('tax returns') to be sent to the American tax service: the IRS (Internal Revenue Service). Your accountant will also need to work closely with the lawyer who formed your legal entity if you have chosen to purchase through a corporation.

Thanks to its establishment of more than 15 years in Miami, Barnes is able to offer you American or French-speaking firms of accountants, knowing the stakes of your investment in your country of origin. Barnes will then work closely with this accountant, providing him with all the information necessary for declarations as well as supporting documents: accounting statements, copies of invoices, etc.


Barnes helps you upstream in selecting the ideal tenant. Florida law allows us to check a person's criminal record and ability to repay potential debts. Note that it also protects the interests of the owner.

When the tenant has moved in, Barnes becomes his main point of contact by managing his various queries. We take care of enforcing the terms of the lease and collecting the rents for the owner on time. We organize and coordinate the maintenance of the property and any repairs, thanks to the help of a team of service providers selected for their professionalism, and regularly put in competition to ensure you the best value for money. No major repairs are made without the agreement of the owner.

In the event of a dispute with the tenant or non-payment of rent, Barnes takes care of strengthening the terms of the contract with the legal assistance of a specialist lawyer, or even initiating the eviction procedure if necessary. 

Barnes has developed a secure consultation platform for its clients. You can follow the progress of your scale online at Barnes.

In the event of major damage (flood, fire, etc.), Barnes immediately takes care of initiating and coordinating the insurance declaration procedures, in collaboration with an 'insurance adjuster', a person specializing in insurance relations, who works in your best interests to make sure you get the most out of your insurance policy. We then coordinate the payment by insurance and repairs, step by step, in compliance with the rules and regulations imposed by the codes and regulations of the city and your 'homeowner association' (co-ownership).


Barnes also offers a personalized pick-up service for your second home. You can thus, choose à la carte, the areas in which you would like assistance from our team.

Our field of intervention, quotation, can then be extended to more specific requests, for example: 

  • Opening of various charge accounts
  • Set up, management and payment of various service providers (electricity, internet, cable TV, telephone, water, gas, alarm, gardener, cleaning, swimming pool maintenance, air conditioning maintenance, etc.)
  • Renewal of your LLC or Inc company, each year before 1st may
  • Reduction of your property taxes with the help of a specialized lawyer

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