Miami Beach area

Miami Beach is a seaside resort built in the early 1930s by visionaries (including Carl Fisher, the main promoter of Miami Beach) who wanted to create a tropical "Cote d'Azur", also called the "Billion Dollar Sandbar". Located between North Beach and South Beach, Miami Beach is a strip of land between Sea and Bay, or stretches a huge white sand beach that attracts tourists from around the world. This is the "historic" area and therefore the oldest district of Miami.

The island offers East side large buildings and luxury hotels along the ocean where you can admire the sunrise. On the West side, the residences overlook the bay with unique views of the Brickell and Downtown skyline, neighborhoods considered as the economic heart of Miami and where many residential and commercial projects are under construction. The island is also known for the many exceptional villas located at the water's edge and on the canals. Miami Beach is connected to the mainland by various bridges sometimes famous thanks to the cinema. Mac Arthur, the most southerly, borders the port of Miami known as the world capital of cruises. The Venetian Bridge links a string of islands to the mainland and the Julia Tutle offers exceptional views and connects with the emerging Edgewater / Design district.

This destination is very popular with New Yorkers who wish to have a second home in the sun just 3 hours by plane.

Less buzzy than South Beach and more bustling than North Beach, Miami Beach is a seaside resort where life is good and enjoy the sun. The self-service bikes provided by the city are an excellent way to discover this part of the island, to go from the beach to the hotel or to visit the many small areas of Miami Beach.

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