Relocation to Miami

Already well established in Miami and internationally, BARNES offers unique and personalized expertise to best support its clients when they move to Miami.

A unique and personalized expertise with the move in progress

BARNES offers its French and international customers a unique and personalized service through its innovative Relocation department. Our moving team experienced a similar endeavor during their transition to the United States. Therefore, we have the expertise and the resources to greatly assist resettled families. The move in itself is never easy, however, BARNES Miami aims to facilitate and provide the most suitable accommodations for our customers.

Pick a neighborhood and find the perfect new home

BARNES offers both its French and International clientele a unique and customized service through its innovative Relocation department.

Our relocation team has experienced a similar endeavor during their transition to the USA. Hence, we have the expertise and resources to strongly assist relocated families. 

  • Determine the right neighborhood
  • Find the perfect home

Define utilities and get set up

With our experience, we can also help with the administrative part such as Visa, Driver's license, SSN, Insurance, etc.

Find out about the best schools and social activities

We already have a list of the best local French or International schools, sports clubs or even the most popular associations.

Our local expertise

Our relocation team come from different parts of the world and have experienced the same companies when they moved to the United States. Thus, we bring the expertise to help expatriate families.

Moving to another city is never easy. Being well prepared and above all assisted by the right people is the key to a successful and efficient relocation.

Our mission is to facilitate the arrival of our customers with a tailor-made service adapted to the unique needs of each family.

Vanessa De Formanoir
Vanessa De Formanoir
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Marie Houlle

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