Brickell, the most dynamic and sought-after neighborhood in Miami

Located in the heart of Downtown Miami, Brickell is often considered the city's financial district. However, it offers much more than that.

This neighborhood is famous for its impressive skyscrapers that line the famous Brickell Avenue, offering spectacular views of Biscayne Bay and downtown Miami. This area is also home to many luxury hotels, fine restaurants, trendy bars, high-end boutiques and art galleries.

In addition to its urban aspect, green spaces and parks along the bay allow residents to relax. Simpson Park Hammock and Alice Wainwright Park are two examples of popular green spaces in the neighborhood.



Brickell is also known for its vibrant nightlife. There are many clubs and bars to discover the vibrant atmosphere of Miami.

Brickell neighborhood

In terms of real estate, it is an area offering a diverse range of housing. You will find luxurious beachfront condos to high-end apartments in the neighborhood's skyscrapers. This sector is experiencing considerable real estate growth. It attracts large residential projects but also modern and luxurious commercial spaces such as the Brickell City Center located along the Miami River, the 4th largest shopping center in the United States.


Brickell, the new heart of Miami

More than a billion dollars was invested to create the new heart of Brickell. Stores, offices and hotels occupy more than 500,000 square meters. Brickell City Center is also the first creation by Bouygues construction in North America, which is particularly innovative in terms of environmental standards. A $30 million “Climate Ribbon TM” provides coverage and insulation from the sun in aisles using revolutionary technology.

True Manhattan in the tropics, Brickell is now considered the economic center of South Florida. After the office closes, many fine and gourmet restaurants and trendy lounges take over, including around the Mary Brickell Village, and busy executives of the day morph into night owls.

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