Our advice for moving to Miami

Some tips for a successful Miami installation 

In recent years, more and more French people have left the country to settle abroad. Among the destinations preferred by expatriates, we find the United States and in particular, Miami in Florida. Thanks to its dynamic market and openness to international trade, this city attracts large companies and offers many career opportunities. Nevertheless, living there requires a minimum of preparation. It is better to learn about the conditions of life, entry and work before leaving everything. Similarly, if you want to live in Florida, you will need housing. But rest assured, our team can help you in your expatriation project and in your renting / buying an apartment or a house.

Prepare to leave and settle in Florida 

Moving to another country requires a minimum of organization. As a Frenchman, if you go to the United States, you leave Europe and you will need a visa. If you want to work on the spot, you will have to have a Visa working. These are relatively little distributed by the US administration, it is better to do it in advance. Also think about your health because the social security system is totally different on the other side of the Atlantic. Similarly, the opening of an account in a US bank will probably be necessary. Finally, be aware that in large cities, housing can be expensive. So, find out about real estate rates before you leave. To live in Miami, our experts can help you in your search for a property. We are used to managing the French installation and expatriation projects.

Entrust the search for your home to professionals 

Going to live on the other side of the world is an important decision. For your installation to go smoothly, it is recommended that you prepare yourself upstream. And if you dream of living in Florida, in Miami, do not hesitate to contact our agency. Depending on your budget, your lifestyle and your needs, we will find you the apartment or house that suits you. Whether you come to the United States for work, for family or personal reasons, we can accompany you in your project. However, to settle in another country asking for a little time, we advise you to contact us before your departure. Thus, it will allow us to find accommodation and to welcome you when you arrive.  

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