Expatriate to Miami

Expatriating to Miami, practical questions 

Among the many services offered by Barnes Miami, expatriation assistance remains a specialty. Indeed, Barnes Miami has extensive experience in supporting the expatriation of its clients in Miami. 

Once you have taken care of all administrative procedures required to your move to Miami and you have found your accommodation there come the more practical questions of the move. The possibilities are many and thebarnes miami team offers you a quick overview of the solutions available to you:

And adding one or two pieces of luggage during your flight may not be enough.

If you plan to leave with bulky objects like furniture that you care about, or fragile objects like works of art, it is clear that you will not be able to take them with you on the plane.

shipping should be preferred.

We offer you to manage the logistical and administrative aspects of your move.

Leaving France and settling in the United States is the dream of many French people. If you are doing it and you are leaving for the USA soon, it is probably time to take care of your move. From obtaining Visa When looking for accommodation, a job and the issue of your health, there are many details to settle before leaving. And if you are wondering how to expatriate to Miami, we are at your disposal to inform you about life in Florida, the purchase or rental of real estate. And to move in good conditions, here is some advice from our experts.

Moving to Miami: where to start?

Before embarking for the United States and starting your new life, you must begin some steps with the French and American administrations. But how to expatriate legally and on time is not always easy! First, you must have a valid passport and obtain a visa. To move, it is essential. And above all, be vigilant during your request. To work in Miami, you must have a work visa, not a tourist visa. Similarly, it is better to take care of the purchase of plane tickets in advance. Also remember to take care of the sale of your house / apartment in France or the termination of your lease if you are a tenant. If you have children, look now for a school to register them. Finally, for your move, choose the furniture and objects you want to take, sell or store the ones you don't want to take and contact a moving company. Often, this is done by boat in containers (by plane, the costs are very high) so find out quickly to find a departure and arrival date that matches yours.

Who to contact to take care of the move? 

How to expatriate to the USA is a question that we are often asked. Indeed, our agency specializes in high-end real estate and expatriation. We are therefore able to help you with your installation. We can put you in touch with professionals to manage your arrival in Florida. If you plan to move and live in Miami, we are also at your disposal to help you in your search for an apartment or house to sell or rent. We will do everything necessary to support you and facilitate your planning. So if you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us contact !

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