Immerse yourself in the timeless allure of Coral Gables


Explore Florida's enchanting Coral Gables neighborhood: Discover a seaside lifestyle, fused with refined architectural elegance. Coral Gables, one of Florida's premier master-planned communities, was meticulously designed to be an everyday paradise in the vibrant South Florida landscape.

The town has a captivating blend of old-world charm, highlighted by the Mediterranean-style houses and buildings clad in terracotta tiles that adorn its streets. Stroll along the Miracle Mile, an iconic destination that serves as a haven for shopping enthusiasts. Lined with high-end boutiques, art galleries, jewelry stores, specialty stores and well-known brands, this picturesque street offers a delightful shopping experience.

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After indulging in captivating retail therapy, residents and visitors are often drawn to nearby fine dining establishments for a refreshing dining experience. Coral Gables reflects the visionary planning of its founder, Merrick, which seamlessly integrated nature into the fabric of this planned city.

Merrick's foresight is evident in the strategically placed parks near shopping centers, the dedicated waterfront areas providing beach access to luxury homes, and the vast green spaces set aside for golf courses. Living in Coral Gables offers the perfect balance for those who want to be close to the vibrant heart of Miami.

3 Reasons to Live in Coral Gables

| An illustrious history

In the 1920s, George Edgar Merrick developed 3,000 acres in Miami creating Coral Gables with an emphasis on Spanish Revival architecture. The city's history unfolds at the Coral Gables Museum. The Venetian Pool, listed as a National Historic Landmark since 1923, is an oasis of Venetian inspiration. Merrick notably donated land and $5 million for the creation of the University of Miami. It thus contributes to the rich history, architecture and academic reputation of Coral Gables.

| Magnificent architecture 

George Merrick envisioned Coral Gables with Mediterranean Revival and Spanish Colonial-style homes: stucco walls, terracotta tile roofs, and lush landscaping. Many of these homes, like those in the Country Club section, reflect the design of the iconic Biltmore Hotel.

In response to criticism regarding uniformity, Merrick introduced villages with international design elements. The Italian Village, for example, replicates Italian farmhouses, while the French Village boasts chateau-style houses. Other villages include Dutch South African with its colonial farms and Chinese Village with its pagoda-shaped roofs and brightly colored walls. George Merrick's innovative approach transformed Coral Gables into a diverse and architecturally rich community.

| Beautiful outdoor spaces

Merrick has seamlessly integrated nature into Coral Gables. He strategically placed parks near shopping centers, reserving the waterfront for luxury homes and preserving large tracts of land for golf courses.

Merrick Park, adjacent to the Miracle Mile, stands out as a 30-acre oasis. It offers a serene retreat with landscaped gardens and shaded areas. For a coastal getaway, Matheson Hammock Park on Biscayne Bay offers a man-made atoll pool and winding trails for bird watching.

Nature lovers can explore the Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden, which spans more than 80 acres and features rare plants from around the world. Themed biomes, including a rainforest zone and butterfly garden, provide a captivating lesson in horticulture and botany in the heart of Coral Gables.

Immerse yourself in the timeless allure of Coral Gables, where the fusion of nature and masterful planning creates a haven for those seeking a sophisticated and vibrant South Florida lifestyle.