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Sell a property in Miami Florida 


If you are considering selling your property in Florida, your Barnes Consultant will prepare you a free evaluation, developed from a real market study summarizing a set of data: comparable sales in the neighborhood or building (in the case of an apartment), analysis of these comparable properties (state of goods and other elements that have influenced the price), inventory of goods directly available competitors, average days on the market before the sale. This study allows you to validate the price of real estate sales based on objective criteria in order to sell at the right price while being competitive in the market.

Exclusive Mandate, Partner Agent

The real estate system in the United States is based on a logic of information sharing and cooperation between Agents. At the base of this logic: exclusive mandates. Indeed, to be able to give to his property the widest possible exhibition, be it local, national and international, there can be at the beginning only an exclusivity given to an Agent who, of this fact, can put the announcement in the MLS (shared file). The MLS is even partially searchable by the general public. For example, on his website, Barnes put a bridge with the centralized file, which allows buyers to start their searches alone, regardless of where they live. In the United States, there is almost no sale from individuals to individuals and even less in the world of luxury. Vendors want to surround themselves with a professional who accompanies them throughout the sales process, and shoulder to end. Your Barnes Real Estate Consultant arranges marketing, visits, monitors negotiations with the buyer's agent, submits offers, advises you on the purchase contract, conditions, coordinates the closing with the lawyer of the buyer buyer and yours,

What are the seller's fees?

The agency fees are usually 6%, payable by the seller, and divisible in two: 50% for the Agent representing the seller and 50% for the Agent representing the buyer. If the Agent finds a customer directly, he can represent both parties and is entitled to 100% from the commission, if that is what was defined in the mandate. Commission amounts are therefore included in the sales price as well as the conditions of cooperation. These must then be clearly specified in the central file. When you sign a mandate to sell, the term of office is also to be decided. Most often, as the agency will carry out marketing operations on the property, a minimum of 6 months is required. Beyond the agency fees, the closing costs (notary fees) vary between 1.5 and 2%. To this, it will be necessary to add legal fees for the preparation of "seller's documents". These vary between $1,000 and $2,000 according to the cabinets.

Staging or how to show oneself in the best light

The presentation of the property is decisive in the United States. It is a real "mise en scène" when you are in luxury real estate. This trend has been exported to Europe under the name of "home staging". The idea is not only to present your property in the best light, but to depersonalize it so that the potential buyer can project himself better in the house or apartment. Your Barnes Consultant will advise you on what can be improved, taking a critical look at future visitors. If necessary, we will recommend contractors to do some work and necessary adjustments, or a staging company that can even install temporary furniture and enhance living spaces. We make sure that the property is ready for an essential step: the photo and video report.

At Barnes, we place special importance on photos, the first impression being crucial to attract a prospect. We work with a team of professional quality photographers specializing in real estate. Each photo shoot can last from one hour to a full half day and is supervised by your Consultant who takes care of all the details. The report is offered to our customers.

Use recognized professionals for your real estate sale in Miami 

Marketing, marketing and advertising

Your Consultant will put the announcement in the centralized file of the Association of Realtors, the "MLS", with a detailed description, conditions of visits, photos. This gives your property maximum exposure, local as well as national. At Barnes, we also take advantage of the power of our international network, by conducting online and offline campaigns, including a mix of media: advertising, articles, brochures, public relations operations (in the case of large properties). luxury). Our teams are experts in marketing and communication, that's part of our difference.

From the visit ... to the offer

The Consultant agrees to a total availability to miss no opportunity to show the good. The owners are usually not present during the visits, the two Agents (of the seller and prospect) cooperate, each in the interest of their respective customers and the completion of the transaction.

For high-end properties, we qualify the visitors upstream in agreement with the Agent who accompanies them. We regularly organize open houses for cooperating agents (Broker's open) and for the general public (Open House). In the United States, visits are done every day of the week, so 7 days a week. At Barnes, we are very attentive to the quality of the visits: presentation, punctuality, detailed explanations, justification of the price with comparable etc. It is a strategic moment of the sale.

When a customer is interested, if he is represented, it is his Agent who drafts the offer which will become the final contract in case of acceptance. It must be provided the "seller's disclosure" which is a declarative document filled by the seller on the state of the house or what he knows. Negotiable terms in the "as is" contract are the length of the inspection period, the method of payment (cash only, or cash and credit), the desired date of closing (signature and delivery of keys), the liability financial condominium fees in the case of an apartment (for example in case of fundraising already voted) etc.

Once the offer is accepted by all parties, it is "executed" and comes the inspection period. The buyer will want to check everything and will sometimes tend to ask for an additional discount if bad surprises are identified. It's often a second negotiation. During this period, the seller must be cooperating for the "due diligence" requested by the buyer: complementary inspection, architect for subsequent work, "appraiser" (official estimate).

Closing or deed of sale

The owner's lawyer prepares the "seller's documents" which he then sends to the closing agent responsible for the execution of the deed of sale. If the buyer does not need to be present for the purchase, and can sign the documents electronically with virtual authentication, the seller must sign the documents on the spot or in front of a certified notary. If you live outside the United States, this certified notary is at the US Embassy of the place of residence (by appointment). Non-residents are subject to FIRPTA. US taxes (IRS) withhold a portion of the proceeds from the sale pending the calculation of capital gains taxes. Repayment of the balance may take 6 months to a year.

In the United States, the buyer and the seller rarely meet. The "closing" is often done by each party at his lawyer, the documents passing between the two interlocutors.

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