Conference “Investing in Dubai from Miami”

Dubai: Voted best destination to invest in 2024

The restaurant “Le Basilic Miami Beach” recently hosted a conference organized by BARNES Miami, focusing on investment opportunities in Dubai in 2024. This conference was hosted by the Barnes Dubai team who traveled for the event . The opportunity for local investors to discover the real estate market in Dubai in 2024 and to benefit from opinions from professionals in the sector for their future projects. Dubai is a booming destination for international investments.

This presentation covered various fundamental topics regarding real estate investing. From tax benefits, to growth opportunities, to the long-term prospects of the Dubai real estate market…

Why invest in Dubai?

Investing in Dubai has many advantages. The city offers impressive annual real estate market growth, reaching 8% in 2023. Rental yields can reach up to 7%, providing attractive income opportunities. Dubai also benefits from a advantageous taxation, with an absence of tax on income and real estate capital gains. Political and economic stability, world-class infrastructure, and a high quality of life make Dubai a popular destination for international investors.

This conference also provided participants with a practical overview of the purchasing procedures and legal considerations associated with real estate investment in Dubai. Investors were thus able to obtain valuable advice on how to invest in this market.

A place to meet and exchange

As usual, Barnes invites his guests over a cocktail to discuss various subjects and potential real estate projects. It is in this friendly atmosphere that investors shared their experiences and perspectives, thus strengthening their perception towards investment opportunities.

Maison Barnes: Luxury and French gastronomy in the heart of New York

The inauguration ceremony of Maison BARNES in New York was a unique event. Prestigious guests, passionate about gastronomy, as well as influential figures from the cultural scene were present. This new destination is steeped in French heritage, a world of sophistication and culinary delights which opened its doors on May 1, 2024

French gastronomy

It is important to highlight the culture and creativity present in this place. The guests had the privilege of discovering the culinary wonders of Chef Daniel Boulud. The chef's reputation is well established in the world of gastronomy. Each dish served was a tribute to traditional French gastronomy which it enhanced with a touch of innovation while respecting the rhythm of the seasons.

Unique rooms

The guests also had the opportunity to explore the interiors of Maison BARNES. Each piece is designed to highlight a specific ambiance. From gastronomic to bistronomic, each piece aims to recall the universe it represents. These are the pieces that recall the soul of Maison BARNES. But they also recall the prestigious side of 20th century Parisian life. Indeed, private rooms, bar and lounge are present within the house. The murals are made by hand. Each detail of the decoration aims to recall the glory days of the French art of living as well as its craftsmanship.

Maison Barnes a unique place

The inauguration of Maison BARNES in New York symbolizes much more than a simple gastronomic event, it marks the establishment of an emblematic place, where culinary refinement is highlighted. This space promises to become an essential place for lovers of French gastronomy, offering an experience where the pleasure of the senses and aesthetic and historical appreciation come together.

Maison BARNES embodies the very essence of French elegance in New York. This place offers a refined and memorable dining experience. It succeeds in highlighting the gastronomic expertise of Chef Daniel Boulud while allowing us to explore the universe that inspires him.

Join the world of BARNES and let us guide you in the development of your project.

Enzo Rosani, director of Barnes Miami, on the French TV channel M6 regarding the prestigious real estate market in Miami

Miami has long been synonymous with luxury and opulence. Its prestigious real estate market attracts the attention of investors from around the world, looking for lavish residences and promising investment opportunities. Recently, Enzo Rosani, Director of Barnes Miami, shared his expertise in an interview broadcast on French television channel M6, providing valuable insight into the Florida real estate market.

Enzo Rosani on the French TV channel M6 about the prestigious real estate market in Miami

Miami, emblematic city of Florida

In the interview, Enzo Rosani highlighted several key aspects of the luxury real estate market in Miami. First, it highlighted the diversity of properties available, ranging from luxurious beachfront villas to ultra-modern penthouses in downtown skyscrapers. This diversity allows international buyers to find exactly what they are looking for, whether it is a second home for vacations or a primary home for lavish year-round living.


Thibaut De Saint Vincent, Founder of Barnes International Realty

Enzo Rosani, accompanied by the founder of Barnes International Realty, Thibaut de Saint Vincent, also discussed the dynamics of demand and supply in the Miami real estate market. With strong demand coming from North America, Europe, Latin America and even Asia, luxury properties in Miami continue to attract the attention of investors around the world. This sustained demand, combined with a limited supply of quality properties, creates a dynamic market where prestige property values can fluctuate quickly.

Finally, they highlighted the unique benefits of owning a luxury property in Miami, including access to world-class amenities, high-end restaurants, art galleries and vibrant nightlife. It also highlighted the long-term growth potential of Miami's real estate market, thanks to its continued appeal to international real estate investments.

Barnes Boat Show 2024

Welcome aboard The Victorious

The Miami Boat Show, one of the largest boat shows in the world, has made its big return to Miami! On this occasion, Barnes International Realty had the opportunity to welcome its clients aboard the magnificent Victorious, measuring 85 meters. This yacht was recently put on the Barnes Yachting market, at a price of 120,000,000. The perfect opportunity to present this maritime jewel to an informed and passionate clientele by offering an unforgettable experience to all those who had the privilege of boarding edge.

The Victorious, with its 85 meters in length, embodies the perfect harmony between grandeur and subtle luxury. Designed to offer absolute comfort, every detail of this vessel has been carefully thought out to meet the requirements of the most demanding boaters. Sumptuous living spaces, first-rate leisure facilities and meticulous attention to materials and finishes make AKYACHT Victorious much more than just a yacht: she is a floating work of art.

It's a floating work of art.

By bringing the AKYACHT Victorious to the market, Barnes Yachting offers sailing enthusiasts a rare opportunity to own a vessel that combines power, sophistication and style. With its price tag of 120,000,000, this yacht represents much more than just an investment: it is the opportunity to live an exclusive and luxurious lifestyle, where every trip becomes an adventure in its own right.

For those who yearn for the ultimate luxury sailing experience, the AKYACHT Victorious offers an irresistible invitation to embark on a journey beyond the ordinary. With its perfect marriage of innovative design, supreme comfort and exceptional performance, this exceptional vessel promises to fulfill the wildest dreams of those who have the privilege of owning it.


Barnes Yachting sincerely thanks you for giving us the opportunity to present The Victorious to you.

We are committed to providing assistance and addressing any yachting inquiries you may have.

luxury yacht

Miami Boat Show 2024: What to expect?


This edition of the Miami International Boat Show promises to be impressive with the presence of 51 yachts measuring over 24 meters. The event will take place around 6 locations: Miami Beach Convention Center as well as Pride Park to discover exhibitions and indoor activities. The show's water activities will take place at the Venetian Marina, Herald Plaza, Museum Park Marina and Yacht Haven Grande Miami.

Miami boat show

Many models will make their U.S. debut at the show, giving visitors to Miami an exciting taste of the latest innovations in the world of yachts. Among these new products, we find the Sunseeker 100 motor yacht, the Riva 82 Diva and the Princess Y85 with its brand new infinite cockpit. Additionally, enthusiasts will have the chance to attend the world premiere of the flagship of the Azimut series, the Magellano 30, which follows in the footsteps of the Magellano 25 Metri. These introductions promise to add a dose of excitement and anticipation to this already prestigious event.


The highlight of this year will be the presence of the largest yacht, the AKYACHT Victorious, measuring 85 meters. This yacht was recently placed on the brokerage market, eight months after its withdrawal. She is now for sale with Oscar Losada of Barnes Yachting, priced at 120,000,000.

On this occasion, Barnes International Realty will have the opportunity to welcome its clients aboard the magnificent Victorious during its annual event, the Barnes Miami Yacht Show.

Yacht Haven Grande Miami: the superyacht enclave.

This exclusive marina will host the largest and most spectacular yachts in the world.

BARNES Miami at the NYC Real Estate Showcase + Forum 2023

BARNES Miami had the opportunity to be present at the Real Deal Showcase + Forum 2023 at the Metropolitan Pavilion in New York on May 4, 2023 alongside Barnes New York, Barnes Portland & Barnes Montreal.

More than 3,000 professionals, developers, investors, owners, architects and sponsors had the pleasure of meeting each other, discussing the residential market, the future of development, the latest innovations in technology and much more.

Jody Durst, President of the Durst Organization, Marty Burger, President and CEO of Silverstein Properties, Inc., and Nathan Berman, Founder of Metro Loft shared their insights on the latest industry trends and news.

BARNES Miami & New York Conference "Invest in luxury real estate in USA" | June 2, 2022

BARNES Miami & BARNES New York held an exclusive conference on June 2 at the "Riviera Golf de Barbossi", in the heart of the Bay of Cannes Mandelieu.

The conference aimed to present characteristics, opportunities and trends of the 2022 New York and Miami luxury real estate market. Enzo Rosani, director of BARNES Miami & Yann Rousseau, director of BARNES New York shared their expertise and best advice for a successful real estate investment in the US.