Real estate fever in Miami, an article commented by Enzo Rosani for Les Echos

Billionaires' paradise. Miami is seeing an influx of tech executives and hedge fund managers, attracted by an ultra-light tax policy. Real estate and luxury goods are soaring, driven by post-pandemic fever.

In the “Magic City” with 2.7 million inhabitants, the eye may focus on the skyline, but everything seems to take place under the open sky. Business is rising faster than sea levels, which rightly worries residents near the shore. In thirty years, he has gained 7 centimeters; it could rise 86 centimeters over the next 50 years. Despite this horizon of vulnerability linked to climate change, Miami, built on a swamp, is building relentlessly.


According to Enzo Rosani, director of Barnes Miami, a budget of $1M allows you to afford a house to restore of 100 m2 in Miami Beach, a house of 120 m2 in Miami Mainland. Or a 30 m2 apartment in Coconut Grove, a residential area with tropical greenery. Real estate is soaring. For this amount, you can aim for an apartment of 90 m2 in Key Biscayne or more than 100 m2 in Edgewater. The latter is becoming very popular for its views of the bay.

We can also consider "a 150 m2 house" in Little Havana, but offers are rare in this typical residential area. What if we have $10 million? The expert highlights “a house on the water or a plush apartment of several hundred square meters in Miami Beach, in the popular South of Fifth district”. Such a budget makes it possible to qualify for an apartment in a chic “condo” or a house in Key Biscayne.


In its “Global Property Handbook” report, Barnes reports that in 2023, “Miami is the only major American city to have experienced an increase (0.9%) in the prices of luxury homes”. San Francisco and New York respectively recorded a drop in prices, in the same category, of 9.71TP3Q and 41TP3Q. The financial barons rushed forward to settle in Palm Beach (100 km from Miami). But also in the chic and green neighborhoods of Coral Gables or Coconut Grove. Founded in 1825 by a colony of American and European industrialists, these neighborhoods have good schools and the best universities. Houses priced at $7 million are coveted there, the supply is becoming scarce. In Brickell, these are the “young professionals” in finance, tech and cryptos. They are driving up the prices of more accessible real estate there.

Among American buyers, there are many more entrepreneurs and financiers, but also investors who want to buy to rent. We are far from a ceiling because “although Miami has experienced a real estate boom, the price per square meter there is still much cheaper than in New York or Los Angeles.

Enzo Rosani, Director of Barnes Miami

An article written by Virginie JACOBERGER-LAVOUE | Journalist, Les Echos

Why invest in New Constructions in Miami?

Miami, known for its vibrant culture, beautiful beaches and thriving real estate market, continues to attract investors from around the world. Among the different real estate investment options available, new constructions stand out as a particularly lucrative opportunity in the Miami market. Investing in new construction in Miami has many benefits for investors seeking both short-term gains and long-term prosperity.

#1 Popular Location and High Demand

Miami's appeal as a global hub for business, tourism and lifestyle makes it an attractive location for real estate investment. The city's strategic location as a gateway between the United States and Latin America, coupled with its favorable climate and diverse cultural scene, ensures a constant flow of visitors, residents and businesses. This strong demand for housing and commercial space creates a favorable environment for new construction projects, as developers seek to meet the needs of a growing population and expanding economy.

#2 Modern Amenities and Features

The new ones construction projects in Miami are a blend of modern amenities designed to attract discerning buyers and renters. From state-of-the-art fitness centers and luxurious spas to rooftop pools and smart home technology, these properties offer a range of desirable amenities that meet the preferences of today's lifestyle-oriented consumers. By investing in new construction, investors can capitalize on the appeal of these modern amenities.

#3 Appreciation potential

The Miami real estate market has a history of strong appreciation, fueled by factors such as population growth, economic expansion and limited land availability. Investing in new constructions allows investors to capitalize on this appreciation potential, as properties generally tend to increase in value over time and as surrounding infrastructure and amenities improve. By acquiring new construction properties from the outset, investors can position themselves to benefit from long-term capital gains as the Miami market continues to evolve and prosper.

#4 Favorable Financing Options

Investing in new construction often comes with favorable financing options, including pre-construction pricing discounts and attractive mortgage rates. Developers can offer down payment assistance or closing cost credits to attract buyers during the pre-construction phase, providing investors opportunities to secure properties at below-market prices. Additionally, lenders can offer competitive financing packages specifically designed for new construction projects, making it easier for investors to acquire and use these assets to maximize returns.

In conclusion, invest in new construction in Miami offers investors a compelling opportunity to capitalize on the dynamic real estate market of the city and secure attractive returns. With its prime location, high demand, modern amenities, appreciation potential, favorable financing options and diversified investment opportunities, Miami stands out as a leading destination for real estate investment. Whether seeking rental income, capital appreciation, or a combination of both, investors can find promising prospects in Miami's ever-changing cityscape and vibrant neighborhoods.

Which neighborhood to invest in 2024 in Miami?

Miami has become one of the most affluent metropolises on the American continent. With its tropical climate and economic status, the city continually attracts investors looking for opportunities. The Miami real estate market is full of diverse options for investing, with properties ranging from condos to luxury homes. With so many neighborhoods to choose from, it's crucial to target areas that promise the best returns in 2024.

Here is an analysis of the most attractive neighborhoods to invest in Miami this year:


invest in edgewater Miami

Edgewater is a center of attraction for development and quality living. Its riverside charm, proximity to renowned cultural centers and ongoing new development projects offer an attractive investment opportunity. The transformation of the neighborhood into a residential and recreational location positions it as a promising sector for real estate growth in 2024.


Downtown is a bustling neighborhood and a prime location for investing in real estate, particularly apartment towers. The area offers a mix of residential and commercial properties. From luxurious high-rise condos, retail spaces, office buildings to office spaces. Proximity to major business centres, cultural attractions and transport links makes it an attractive rental market option for investors seeking rental income and capital appreciation. Plus, Downtown Miami's tourist appeal makes it a surefire hit for rental properties, ensuring that you'll always have competition looking to rent your space as an investor.


Coral Gables is an iconic neighborhood. Its rich heritage is reflected in the type of housing and real estate available. The area's stunning architecture is complemented by Coral Gables' expansive local parks. These green spaces offer a well-deserved break from city life. When it comes to real estate, investors have a wide range of options. You can invest in sprawling luxury estates, gated communities or condos in new high-rise residential towers. 

invest in coral gables miami


Coconut Grove offers a quiet escape with its lush greenery and waterfront views. This historic neighborhood is experiencing a resurgence. Attracting investors looking for a blend of luxury living and investment potential. With upscale developments and a thriving cultural scene, Coconut Grove is an idyllic choice for those looking to combine residential charm with solid returns.


invest in brickell miami

As Miami's financial district, Brickell continues to attract investors. With its iconic skyline, upscale amenities and proximity to major business centers, Brickell remains a sought-after destination. Ongoing developments, including luxury residences and commercial spaces, solidify Brickell's status as a premier investment location for those seeking sophistication and urban appeal.

Miami offers a wealth of real estate investment options in 2024. The neighborhoods mentioned above stand out as smart choices for investors looking to maximize their returns. By taking market trends into account, investors can take full advantage of the opportunities offered by Miami's dynamic real estate market in 2024. Would you like support in your investment research? Contact our team now and benefit from personalized support.

Miami-Dade: The most competitive rental market in the United States

Miami-Dade County has been identified as the rental market the fastest growing in the United States this year, according to RentCafe's annual report. This success is attributed to several key factors, including the boom intechnology industry in the region and a business-friendly environment.


The index of competitiveness Rent Rate (RCI) of the county reached 122, the highest in the country. Nearby Broward County also ranks among the most competitive regions in Florida, with an RCI index of 101.

What does the RCI index mean? This index assesses competition in the rental market based on indicators such as lease renewal rates and occupancy rates.

The year 2023

In 2023, the rental occupancy rate in Miami-Dade County was particularly high, with 71.2 % of tenants choosing to renew their lease. For those looking for new housing, each available unit attracted an average of 22 applicants.

The RentCafe report highlights that this strong rental request is largely stimulated by the dynamism of technology sector of Miami, which attracts talent from around the world, as well as the lack of income tax in the state of Florida.

According to the report, China's thriving tech scene Miami continues to attract innovators and entrepreneurs from around the world, which fuels competition for apartments for rent. Additionally, the region's business-friendly environment provides incentives and opportunities for growth, while the absence of income taxes makes it an attractive choice for locals and newcomers seeking rental.

Generally speaking, the estate market of Miami had the second largest price increase nationally this year, with a 6.7% increase, according to Black Knight, a company specializing in mortgage data and analytics. Recent data also indicates convergence between Miami's housing price growth and the national average.

Record-Breaking Year for Florida Real Estate in 2023

In 2023, Miami reaffirmed its position as first estate market in America, attracting the attention of foreign buyers in particular. Of all international home sales in the United States, one in five took place in Florida, half of them being concentrated on the metropolitan market of Miami. A report of Miami Realtors points out that homes worth $5.1 billion were sold to out-of-state buyers in South Florida in 2023.

The entire state of Florida recorded $12.6 billion in real estate transactions with foreign buyers, according to a report from Florida Realtors. Miami, which is the focal point, has seen renewed interest from buyers, leading to an increase in real estate prices. Notably, 73 % of foreign buyers had visited Florida two times or less before making a purchase. According to the Miami Realtors report, 6 % of them had never visited the state.

While in previous years Russia and South American countries had attracted attention, other parts of the world have turned their attention to Florida over the past year. Although Germany isn't leading in terms of number of purchases, buyers there have shown new interest in the Sunshine State. In particular, Germany recorded the highest number of web searches for real estate of South Florida in September and October.

Let’s await and discover what 2024 has in store for us.

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How Miami became the most important city in America

The last time Miami was relevant, it wasn’t important. In the 1980s, Miami provided nothing more than drugs, clubs, pastel blazers, jai alai gambling and, most notably, a hit TV show about all four.

But now Miami is the most important city in America. Not because Miami stopped being a frivolous, regulation-free, climate-doomed tax haven dominated by hot microcelebrities. It became the most important city in America because...

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Can Miami Beach Stay Hot After Covid? The Shore Club Redevelopment Might Hold the Answer.

Architect Robert A.M. Stern is best known for designing buildings for the wealthiest New Yorkers. Some of the largest residential deals in the U.S. have been at his towers overlooking Manhattan’s Central Park. Now, Mr. Stern’s eponymous firm is putting the finishing touches on the design for a Miami Beach project that is seeking to entice those same buyers to the Sunshine State. The project will be the firm’s first oceanfront residential building.

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A year ago, Enzo Rosani made one of Miami's first cryptocurrency sales.

While many early-life athletes shed their requisite gear in adulthood in favor of following a more conventional career path, many of the characteristics integral to sportsmanship like hard work, focus and drive can be easily transitioned into the high-pace environment of the modern business world.

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Forbes places Miami among the best cities to live in Florida

According to Forbes, the increase in Miami property prices does not seem to be an obstacle for new residents coming from other US states and even from other countries. The “Magic City” has just been ranked among the TOP 10 best cities to live in Florida in 2023. Miami occupied the 6th position in the ranking and Orlando came in fifth place, out of a total of 400 cities approximately throughout the state.

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