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Barnes offers a quality property management service or "Property Management" to all owners and investors who own property in the Miami area and want a trusted operator on site. Whether your property is rented or your second home, Barnes offers a range of services à la carte. This is one of the few real estate groups that has structured a dedicated department for many years already. Today we manage more than 40 properties.

For all properties, for rent or second home

Barnes guides you on all the choices to make as new owners in Florida:

  • Insurance: Barnes works with several insurance brokers (insurance brokers), who will offer several quotes at different insurance companies, with sufficient coverage according to your needs. In Florida, the four most common and recommended insurance policies are:
      • Classic property insurance or "homeowners insurance": in case of water damage (plumbing leaks) and fire. The coverage varies according to the type of property: apartment / condominium, house, if the dwelling is empty, occupied by the owner or occupied by a tenant.
      • Hurricane insurance : most often integrated in property insurance, it covers the damage caused by exceptional weather phenomena such as hurricanes and tornadoes. It is highly recommended in Florida but not required if you do not have a credit. The franchise level is different for damage caused by a hurricane (% maximum coverage) or for a classic damage (lump sum deductible).
      • Flood insurance: only for houses located in flood zones. Not required if you do not have a credit.
    • Liability insurance: sometimes included in conventional property insurance, it may be necessary in addition to a minimum coverage included in property insurance in order to obtain better protection.
  • Accounting : Barnes strongly advises clients to choose a local public accountant who will prepare the tax return for the US Tax Department: the IRS (Internal Revenue Service). Your accountant will also need to work closely with the lawyer who incorporated your legal entity if you chose to buy through a corporation.
    Thanks to its location of more than 10 years in Miami, Barnes is able to offer you American or Francophone accounting firms, knowing the stakes of your investment in your country of origin.

Barnes will then cooperate with this accountant throughout the management of the property, providing him with all the information necessary for the declarations as well as the supporting documents: accounting journal (income and expenses), copies of invoices, etc.

  • Domiciliation of your property and / or your company at the Barnes mailing address, so we can receive all your mail and provide you with important information: City, Florida State, IRS (Tax Department) mail , your association (co-ownership) and others.

If your property is rented:

Before renting, Barnes helps you select the right tenant by checking his profile and history. We are looking for the presence of a possible criminal record and check the capacity of the person to repay his debts, via the credit history. An income sufficient to pay the rent with a good 'credit score' and a blank record are the criteria for accepting an offer or not. No other criteria should be taken into account, at the risk of being exposed to the 'Fair Housing Act'.

When the tenant has moved in, Barnes becomes his privileged interlocutor by managing his various requests. We take care to enforce the terms of the lease and collect on time the rents for the owner. We organize and coordinate the maintenance of the property and the repairs that are the responsibility of the owner, with the help of a team of professional providers in each area, selected for its professionalism, and regularly put in competition to ensure you the best quality- price.

No major repairs are made without the prior written agreement of the owner, with presentation of different competitive quotes.

For example, it is very important in Florida to regularly maintain air conditioning systems, which are as necessary as heating systems in France. The maintenance of the household appliances is part of the responsibility of the owner since it is rented with the rest of the property.

The rules that define the responsibilities between the tenant and the owner are clearly defined in the lease (or 'lease' in English); this is why it is very important that it be established by a real estate professional ('Realtor'). Barnes also makes sure that the lease protects you as the owner.

In case of dispute with tenants or non-payment of rent, Barnes takes care to strengthen the terms of the contract with the legal assistance of real estate lawyers partners, or even to initiate eviction procedures if necessary.

Barnes deals with the various repair and maintenance invoices, with the money collected from the rents. This working capital kept on the Barnes account is also used to pay the expenses related to the property such as monthly condominium fees, property taxes, property insurance, loan repayment, etc.

Barnes has developed a secure, unique proprietary platform exclusively for its customers. You can follow online the evolution of your property account at Barnes, and make a transfer request to personal or professional bank account.

In the event of major damage (leakage, flood, fire, etc.), Barnes immediately begins to launch and coordinate the insurance declaration procedures, in collaboration with an insurance adjuster, a person specializing in relations with insurance companies. , who works in your interest to make sure you get the most out of your insurance policy.

We then coordinate the payment by insurance and repairs, step by step, and this, in compliance with the rules and regulations imposed by the codes and regulations of the city and your 'homeowner association' (co-ownership).

Finally, at the departure of the tenant, our teams perform the inventory of fixtures and ensure that the property is in the same conditions as the state of entry, less the usual wear ('wear & tear '). In the opposite case, the responsibilities are established between the tenant and the owner and Barnes will retain the expenses of restoration on the deposit of the tenant, previously preserved on the escrow account of Barnes.

For your second home:

Barnes offers a particularly personalized service in the event that you occupy your property as a second home because we understand the importance of having a reliable partner on the spot in your absence, in order to take full advantage of your properties during your stays. Miami. 

We allow you to choose, in the map, the areas in which you want the assistance of Barnes teams.

The field of intervention is as complete as in the framework of the management of a rented property (see above) with other additional services (on estimate):

    • opening of the various expense accounts;
    • set-up, management and payment of the different providers, (electricity, internet, cable TV, telephone, water, gas, alarm, gardener, cleaning, pool maintenance, air conditioning maintenance, etc.);
    • renewal of your LLC or Inc company, each year before the 1st may ;
  • downward revision of your property taxes ('Property taxes') with the help of a specialized lawyer.

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