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In which neighborhoods can you find a beautiful villa in Miami?

Miami, one of the most dynamic and attractive American cities, also bears the nickname “Gateway to the Americas”, due to its proximity to the Caribbean and Latin America. The city thus has an extremely diverse population, which is reflected in the culture, the lifestyle and of course, the real estate. The real estate market of […]

Inventory: There are no more houses for sale in Miami!

Given the international situation, Miami is the new El Dorado of the United States; the city where everyone wants to come and live. A very enviable lifestyle, a temperate climate all year round, space, light and magnificent fine sandy beaches, finally to conclude, an argument that hits the mark; no tax on […]

Coral Gables: The magical Miami

Far from the high buildings of Brickell and the sparkling parties of Miami Beach, Coral Gables is an attractive district for its great diversity and refinement, both in terms of its architecture and its relaxed lifestyle. Architectural elegance… Renowned as one of the most beautiful neighborhoods in Miami, Coral Gables surprises with its beauty […]

The colors of Miami Beach

Stretched along Biscayne Bay, the Miami Beach peninsula is a piece of paradise a stone's throw from the mainland. South Beach, a Mecca of the Art Deco style, benefits from a vibrant lifestyle where models and celebrities rub shoulders, making Miami Beach an attractive destination with a particularly attractive climate throughout […]

Brickell and Downtown: Manhattan under the sun

If you dream of a prestigious apartment or condo on the top floor of a Florida skyscraper, it is in the districts of Brickell and Downtown that you will have to look! Along Biscayne Bay, they are veritable living neighborhoods, a beating heart of Miami offering an energetic and trendy living environment. The center of […]

A destination to follow? Miami

Prestigious real estate is in perpetual movement, following changes in our society and the choices of high-end customers, in search of ever more excellence. Whether it's capitals, beautiful resorts or exclusive addresses, here is our selection of destinations to follow. Those that must be discovered today for […]

Fashion instinct in Miami with Laure Hériard-Dubreuil

Co-founder in 2009 of the concept store The Webster in Miami, this fashion enthusiast has since opened several boutiques in the United States. Bright and cheerful, it symbolizes French elegance. Where did you get the idea, absurd at the time, to open a concept store dedicated to fashion in Miami? I knew the world of fashion well to have […]

French art of living

Thibault de Saint Vincent and Virginie Calmels discuss the identity of BARNES. “The symbol of the French art of living fascinates and makes the whole world dream. Our ambition has always been to participate in the influence of this "French way of life", as the Anglo-Saxons say. Gastronomy, conversation, heritage or interior decoration, high […]